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Q: Does the power means the same as steam motor electricity or energy?
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What does motoric means?

A Motor is a power producing device that runs on gasoline or electricity.

What happens to the electricity when there's no power?

If there is no power, there is no electricity. It's not flowing through the wires.

Where does the power come form in an electric car?

The electricity comes from the batteries. The electricity then is converted into mechanical energy from the motor which is then put through the drive train to power the wheels.

Is electricity energy considered a resource?

Electricity is not an energy resource. It is called an energy carrier. That means the energy resource (coal, uranium, oil, gas, wood, wind, solar, etc..) is transferred to electricity (in a power plant) and this electricity is transferred to the end energy user (homes, industry, etc..).

What makes a electric car move?

The electric car moves because the batteries power the motor. The motor then turns the electricity into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is then transfered to the wheels through the drive train.

Is hydropower the same as hydroelectricity?

Hydro Power means conversion of kinetic energy of water into electricity.Hydel Power means conversion of temp. differencewater into electricity.

What in an example of solar power?

one good example of solar power is the used of solar panel to gather energy from the sun and uses a motor to convert it into electricity .

What does wave energy power?

Wave power produces renewable energy, that is, electricity. This is the same electricity that we use every day, so wave power can power our heaters, coolers, electric cars, trains and planes and everything that runs on electricity.

What kind of energy is stored in an electric motor?

A machine that turns electricity into mechanical energy is known as an electric motor. The rotor's inertia, as well as the mechanical system that supports the motor, stores energy. It controls the electric motor's torque and speed. It maintains a safe temperature range for the engine, power electronics, electric motor, and other components. It functions as a power source for the electric traction motor. Electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy by electric motors.

What is nuclear energy currently used for?

It seems to be a common misconception that nuclear power is some unique type of power, but a nuclear reactor is just another means by which to produce electricity.

Is electricity renewable or non renewable?

Electricity is a non-renewable resource. Once you have used it, it won't come back. You have to generate more.You can generate electricity in any number of ways. You can use solar cells, wind power, water falling through turbines, you can burn coal, oil, natural gas, etc. You can generate electricity by running on treadmills or using stationary bikes. It's all electricity, but some of the methods use renewable sources and others do not.A: If electricity is produced by solar, wind, tides, waves, biomass, or geothermal energy then it is a renewable resource. Otherwise it is not.A: Electricity is largely produced by power stations burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas; Nuclear fission can also be used to produce electricity. All these are not renewable - there is a finite amount of fuel in the world and when it is used up, that's it.Hydro, wind, tidal, geothermal, biomass, and solar power are all regarded as renewable forms of energy because they aren't finite. We use their energy, and it still keeps coming.

What energy is needed to create electricity in a geothermal power plant?

The energy from earth is required. This energy is used to create electricity.