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yes This is because of the fact that gravity is a measure of acceleration. The longer the car has to accelerate the faster is will be by the end.

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Q: Does the distance a toy car travels down a ramp affect its speed?
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Does time slow down in space?

Time is relative to the speed of the observer and the faster an observer travels at the slower time will appear for him. So time slows down with speed not with distance.

How does the length of a car affect the distance a car travels down a ramp?

In terms of physics, the length makes no difference.

Can air resistance affect the distance that a toy car does?

Yes, air resistance can affect the distance a toy car travels. A toy car moving through the air experiences air resistance, which can slow it down and reduce its overall distance traveled. Increasing the car's speed may also increase the impact of air resistance.

If a wave vibrates up and down twice each second and travels a distance of M each second what is its Wave speed?

The wave speed is equal to the frequency multiplied by the wavelength. In this case, since the wave vibrates up and down twice per second (frequency = 2 Hz) and travels a distance of M each second, its wave speed would be 2M/s.

What Two factors that affect the distance taken for a toy car to stop?

The two factors that affect the distance taken for a toy car to stop are the speed at which the car is moving and the braking force applied to the car. A higher speed will result in a longer stopping distance, while a stronger braking force will reduce the stopping distance.

How does distance affect speed when using dominoes?

i think that the farther the distance you have, the speed will increase. this is because gravity is pulling it down with force(speed). But when I was doing the experiment in the lab, it seems that as the distance has increased, the time for all the dominoes was also increased and thus this shows that the speed for the dominoes to fall decreased.

What effect does friction have on javelin?

Friction can affect the javelin's speed and distance by slowing it down as it travels through the air. A smoother surface on the javelin reduces air resistance and friction, allowing it to travel further. Ultimately, reducing friction can lead to better javelin performance.

How would the distance a car travels each second change if it's slowing down?

If a car is slowing down, the distance it travels each second will decrease. The rate at which the car covers distance will diminish as the car decelerates.

How does the amout of air affect the distance it travels?

The amount of air affects the distance it travels because more air provides greater resistance to movement. This resistance can slow down the object (like a ball or projectile) and reduce the distance it can travel. Conversely, less air will result in less resistance, allowing the object to travel farther.

Does density affect the speed of wavelengths?

Density does not directly affect the speed of wavelengths. The speed of light in a vacuum is constant at 299,792 kilometers per second, and it changes depending on the medium it travels through. In a denser medium, such as glass or water, light typically slows down due to interactions with the atoms in the material.

Does the different type of surface affect the distance a ball travels?

Yes, the type of surface can affect the distance a ball travels. The surface can impact the friction and bounce of the ball, which in turn can affect how far the ball travels when it is hit or thrown. Smooth surfaces tend to allow the ball to travel further compared to rough or uneven surfaces.

How does distance and time affect speed?

Speed affects distance and time. The faster you go, relative to a stationary object, the more your time slows down and distance shrinks according to the stationary observer. However, you would notice nothing unusual time would progress normally and your distance would be the same according to you. According to you, you would see the stationary observer grow in distance and see there time speed up.