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yes the darker the color the more heat it will absorb

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Q: Does the color of the car exterior make the car hotter?
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Best exterior car color?


What exterior light car colors go best with a tan interior?

That is a matter of preference. Just about any exterior color goes with a tan interior.

What is exterior color mean?

Paint color on the outside of a vehicle such as the door, hood, truck, and roof. Car manufactures use the term to describe the color scheme in online and print car specifications.

What colors do rubber car mats come in?

You can get a rubber car mat to match any exterior car color as long as its not an outrageous color. Please look on to see the mats they have available.

How do you use the word exterior?

Exterior means "outside". For example, The exterior of the car is red. Meaning, the outside of the car is red.

Why is the inside of a car hotter than he outdoor temperature on a sunny summer day?

windows of car make it like a greenhouse

Do dark colors warm up faster then light colors?

Dark colors attract and hold the heat more than lighter colors. If you have black exterior on your car, it will heat up hotter.

Is it true that different color automobiles some how draw heat?

Dark color vehicles wil be hotter than lighter colored vehicles. The surface of a white car vs. a black car in the summer can be 50 degrees cooler.

What happens when you put Coke on a car?

The acid is too weak to affect the painted metal or plastics, but it makes them sticky when the water evaporates.If you put a container of Coke (bottle, can) on a car, it will become hotter if the car exterior is hot, and could explode. If the vehicle surface is cool, it will cool the liquid inside.

How do you use exterior in a sentenc?

The paint is on the exterior of the car.(example) I just painted the exterior of my house to raise its value

If a black car and a white car are left in the Sun the black car will tend to be hotter. This is because the black car's surface will more light energy than a white car.?

Black surfaces absorb more energy than any other color

What is that outside of a car called?