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Yes, indeed they do. Depending on the area you live in, you can go to their website or just visit your local Salvation Army store. They will give you the information where to bring your old car as well as which documentation you will need. Here's a link to the website:

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Q: Does the Salvation Army accept donations of old cars?
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Where do they accept donations of junk cars?

Sometimes salvation army does. Other wise many junk yards have a way to let you donate them on site.

What are some United States charity organizations that accept car donations?

The American Cancer Society, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, the Cancer Fund of America, Texas Cars for Kids, ChristCars, Cars Helping America, Cars2Kids, the Children's Wish Foundation, and Donate Cars all accept car donations.

What organizations will accept donated vehicles?

A giant organization that accepts cars is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army gives cars to the army members who have been in the United States of America's Army and don't have a car.

Which charities accept donations of cars?

There are many charities which one accept cars as donations. In Canada, the Accessible Housing Society, Bullying Canada, and the Canadian Cancer Society all accept cars for donations.

What are some trustworthy car donation programs? recomends 1-800-Charity Cars, but the Salvation Army and Goodwill will also take donations.

Do I need to drain fluids from a vehicle when I make a Salvation Army car donation?

Salvation Army car donations are sold at auction either to be repaired or as parts cars. Since the cars are not being scrapped the fluids do not need to be drained. One things to remember is the car must have a valid title in order to be donated.

Where can one make car donations in New Jersey?

There are a number of organizations in New Jersey that are known to accept car donations. Kars 4 Kids and Purple Heart Cars, for example, accept car donations.

What are the names of some charities that accept car donations?

Charities that accept vehicles for donations include Helping Hands and Goodwill. The DonateCarsUSA and CarDonationWizard have lists of charities that accept cars and trucks for donation. The Car Auto Donations section of the BBB /Better Business Bureau has a list of confirmed charities that accept auto donations.

What organizations accept junk car donations in Sacramento California?

Cars for Breast Cancer, Cars for United States Troops, and Purple Heart Cars are nationwide organizations that accept junk cars as donations. Donation Line and Action Donate both have locations in Sacramento, CA as well.

Which charities accept RV donations for tax purposes?

There are several charities that will accept RV or car donations, such as Action Donation Services. Similarly, other charities such as 'Donate A Car' also accept cars.

Which charities will accept broken cars as donations?

There are several charities that will accept broken cars as donations because the car has value as scrap, even if the charity needs to pay to bring it to the scrap yard. There are also websites such as 800charitycars and donateacar2charity which will gladly accept one's donation.

What are some charities that accept donations for used cars?

The YMCA, YWCA, Ronald McDonald House, Boat U.S. Foundation, the North American Blue Bird Society and Goodwill are some charities that accept donations for used cars.