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Q: Does the Dodge Power train Warranty cover rental cars?
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Does power train warranty cover power steering?

Not usually. Powertrain generally refers to engine, transmission,and axles.

What does a power train warranty cover?

The power-train warranty covers the engine transmission, & differential. In other words what is powering the vehicle. There may be limitations and exceptions to the exact parts covered. Read the warranty details to find out.

Yes, but we cover them with the same warranty?

Yes, but we cover them with the same warranty

What does the Sony ps3 warranty cover and what does the ps3 gamestop warranty cover?

The Gamestop warranty is for rebuilt PS3s and the Sony warranty is for new and lasts a year. You do not compare a used warranty with a new item warranty.

Does State Farm auto insurance cover a rental truck?

Does my policy cover rental trucks

Is the power distribution unit the same as the distributor the extended warranty will not cover this unit but will cover the distributor for a 2006 Maxima M35?

No it is not the same. The power distribution center is like a big fues box.

Does this item come with a warranty If it does, how long is the warranty and what does it cover?

The laptop comes with a one year limited manufacturer warranty. This warranty cover any defects that are caused without user error.

Is a starter covered under power train warranty?

I would say YES. But that would be debatable. Ask and see if they cover it. Just for the record I have to say that I have never seen a starter covered by a power train warranty, they really only cover the engine and maybe the transmission if your lucky, the answer will be in the fine print of your agreement.

Does the warranty cover the lights?


What does dealer warranty mean or cover?


Is warranty will cover engine failure?

It depends on the warranty and on the make and the model of the vehicle.

Does Copenhagen have a warranty on their glass furniture?

Yes, they have a warranty but it does not cover all damages.