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In what state? Type in your state and city DMV on Google, it should bring up a page with all DMV offices in that vicinity, and their hours.

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Q: Does the DMV on N Decatur do drivers test on saturdays?
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What is involved in a DMV permit test?

A DMV permit test is a simpler version of the actual driving test. A permit is not required for drivers over 18. You can practice these tests on the DMV website. This is a direct link to the types of test questions.

Where do I find a sample drivers test?

Sample drivers permit tests are obtained in the Drivers Education Book, which should be well read in advance. Also to practice test for the drivers permit you can locate tests through the dmv, and transportation government test.

What age can you get a driver's license in Florida?

age 15- driver's permit (required test at the DMV) age 16-drivers license (also a required test at the DMV)

Expired drivers license to get a new one?

go to your local dmv and retake the test !

Where to go to have a class B license drivers test?

Call your local DMV for an answer to this question.

Can you take your drivers permit test in Hawaii if your drivers ed certificate is from California?

You need to check with that states DMV .

Are any ca dmv offices open saturdays?


Where can you get a Hawaii drivers test manual written in tagalog?

Hawaii DMV offices Longs Drugs

Where can one take or find the CDL commercial drivers license practice test?

One can take the commercial drivers license practice test online or at one's local DMV. States' DMVs also offer online practice tests on the DMV website.

Which site has drivers permit tests to download?

There are sample drivers permit tests but you cant take the actual one at home. You would have to go to the DMV to take the test and while taking the test at the DMV on the computer it tells you how many you got right and wrong.

Can you receive a drivers license online?

NO. you have to do drivers ed online before you take the test at dmv. i started the course at 15 but you have to be 15 1/2 to take the permit test.

Is the DMV open on Saturdays in CA?

No, they are all closed. Plus all the DMV's have the same hours now.