Does idle mean unimportant

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The main meaning of idle is:

avoiding work; lazy. not working or in use.

having no purpose or basis: idle threats.

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Q: Does idle mean unimportant
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What does immaterial mean?

insignificant; unimportant

What does floccinoccinihilification mean?

To describe something as unimportant

What does the term status unimportant mean?

An unjust actor occurrence.

What does the figure of speech is for the birds mean?

not worth consideration; unimportant:

What does floccinauncinihlilipilification mean?

The act or habit of describing or regarding something as unimportant !

What does 'no quibble' mean?

- make trivial objections: to argue over unimportant things and make petty objections - petty objection: an unimportant distinction or petty objection

How can you use unimportant in sentence?

Canada is an unimportant country. =)

What does Idle mean on Facebook?

Idle means you're not doing anything.

Do minor and unimportant mean the same thing?

No. Minor means "smaller", as compared to major which means "bigger". Smaller things may be less important than major things but that does not mean that they have no importance at all, which is the meaning of unimportant.

What does Idle mean when someone sends you a text message?

Idle means to be lazy.

What is the prefix for important?


What is your idle on saints row 2?

Idle? Do you mean idol? Mine is definatley Gat!