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If your garage door was damaged by a covered peril such as wind, hail, Fire, Lightning etc, Then yes it would be covered minus your deductible.

If the garage door is just old and worn due to usual wear and tear then No, that would be a maintenance issue.

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Q: Does homeowner insurance cover repairs for a garage door or even replacement?
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Does homeowner's insurance cover damage to an automobile due to a hurricane that was in an attached garage at the time the damage was incurred?

No. Automobiles can only be covered by automobile policies. //

Car damaged while in the garage can you claim for the repairs?

If the garage did the damage then they are held reliable for the repairs. Yes your insurance will cover it, but you may want to ask them how to keep it off your record and get them to fix it. I would recommend that you first talk to the shop and if they dont work with you then talk to a lawyer and see what they say.

What can i do if i left my bicycle in my aunts garage with her ok but then her husband leaves it outside next to the garage with her approval and it gets stolen?

You can report is stolen and hope their homeowners insurance will cover its replacement.

How much can a garage charge for storage after they finish repairs?

How much can a garage charge for storage after they finish repairs? in san bernardino county

If a car is parked in the garage can the repo guy take it for no home insurance?

A repo guy is likely to say anything to get your car. If he's looking for it, you owe the money and he gets to take the car. Hiding it in the garage will keep him at bay for only a short time. Whether or not you have homeowner's insurance does not factor into the equation.

Does Smart Garage Door Service replaces or repairs garage door brackets?

Smart Garage Door Service offers repair and replacements for all your small garage door parts, including the garage door bracket. If you think your garage door bracket in Aurora, CO is broken or in need of replacement, contact our office today at 720-299-5604 for an inspection and free estimate.

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A typical homeowner insurance pllicy does not cover the dwelling living expenses while damage to the residence is being repaired personal property within the dwelling or cars in the garage on the prop?


What's garage liability insurance and its coverage?

Your garage insurance should be covered by home owners insurance or renters insurance. I am not sure you would need liability insurance in a garage though, because no one else would be hurt in there.

Is the dwelling extension amount the same as the land on your homeowner insurance premium renewal?

The dwelling extension (typically 10% of the limit on your dwelling) covers other structures on your premises. This would include your detached garage, fence, gazebo, child's treehouse, well pumphouse, etc. Land (dirt) is not covered by your homeowner's policy.

Where could one find replacement parts for garage doors?

You can find replacement parts for garage doors either online or in store. A few examples would be, Home Depot, Sears, DDM Garage Doors, Lowes or Garage Door Hardware.