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Yes. It is a good idea to take unnecessary stuff out of the trunk. Over time, it costs money just to haul it around.

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Q: Does extra weight in a vehicle cause lower gas mileage?
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Can an extra 100 pounds in your vehicle reduce gas mileage?


An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle can reduce gas mileage by what percent?


An extra 100 lbs in your vehicle can reduce gas mileage?

Yes, it will decrease your fuel economy slightly.

Is there a mileage allowance on Budget car rentals?

Budget rental cars can be rented without a mileage allowance for extra rental fees, though the default for a rental vehicle is to come with a mileage allowance.

What could cause drop in gas mileage in a 2009 Honda Fit sport?

heavy driving, low tire pressure, traffic, any extra weight(luggage, hauling the family). or it could just be time for a tune up

What kind of damage can 300lbs extra of weight cause the body?

Having 300 pounds of extra weight can cause serious damage to the body. The organs are working overtime and can eventually shut down and the weight is very hard on the bones and muscles in the body.

Does turning the overdrive off increase your gas mileage on a 95 grand marquis?

No, just the opposite. Overdrive is an extra gear, the use of which, make the vehicle more economical.

How can a collection agency collect on a debt for mileage and damage for a leased vehicle that was turned in after the lease term ended?

When you lease a vehicle, you agree to the terms of the contract, which usually include sections regarding charges for going over allowed mileage and damage to the vehicle not considered routine wear. If you don't pay the assessed fees for the over-mileage and damage, the dealer will eventually sell the debt to a collector, who will hound you until you pay. IN a car lease contract, there are specific terms about "extra mileage" charges, if the car is driven over the annual or lease term amount. The contract also has a clause about "damage" that is over and above regular wear and tear, as set out in the contract. Just returning the car does NOT absolve the leasee of their responsibility to pay for "extra mileage and damages ". The leasing company is well within their rights to sue you to recover the extra costs that you laid on them.

What makes a car burn more gas than usual?

Possibilities:Higher proportion of ethanol in the fuelA lot of extra weight in the vehicle

Are wheel blocks suggested when carrying a light load?

No, wheel blocks are not typically necessary when carrying a light load as the weight of the load may not be enough to cause the vehicle to move on its own. However, using wheel blocks can provide an extra layer of safety and stability, especially when the vehicle is parked on a slope or inclined surface.

What is the mpg for a limo?

Dependant on what vehicle the Limo is based upon and what engine it is in, it will usually be >25% less than what is quoted by the manufacturer of the original vehicle. This is because they have significant body reshaping/reinforcing/extra panels to accommodate and create the extra length. Pair this with significantly more people on board adding extra weight, the fuel economy is affected.For a vehicle which is usually getting 25mpg, expect it to be

What is the average gas mileage on a 2001 ford excursion 5.4l v8?

Currently, I am getting about 11 MPG and that is no jack-rabbit starts and keeping at 55 MPH and no extra weight as in hauling.