Does everybody have talent

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yeah, some have the ability to just intimidate people. my friend once made my friend do something by pretending to thow her favorite pair of shoes out of the car window. :)

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Q: Does everybody have talent
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Does Katy Perry have talent?

everybody has talent, so yes

Who has TALENT?

Everybody has talent. You will have some. What are you good at that others are not so good at? Go to our discussion page for news and write in your talent!

Does Michael Jordan have a quote?

'Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.'

Does everybody have more than one talent in the world?

May be somebody have more than one talent, but somebody doesn't have any talens.

Is it possible for someone not to have a talent?

If a person is lucky, they may be born with a natural talent. Most of us hav an 𝘐𝘯𝘡𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘡 in something that we can study and practice to a talented level.

Does everybody get accepted to go on Britain's got talent?

yes everyone getsexcepted to go on it other wise it wouldn't be fair

How did BeyoncΓ© get into music?

Beyonce got into music by hearing about all of the talent shows in school, she had once tried and everybody loved her and that is how she got into music.

Do you like going in front of everybody on stage?

i love it but that is because i am a (Wannabe) singer, i sing at talent shows and stuff, i also act in plays

What do you win on britain' s got talent if you are a singer?

same as everybody else who may win, £100,000 and a place on the royal variety show

What is the best song for a talent show?

I believe , that Iyaz replay is the good because its pop and it has a GREAT tune to it i think that because for a talent show i everybody has their own vote it would attract males and females because its Cool

Why Albert Einstein so clever?

For me, he so clever because he has been given as a gift to become a smart man. You see, everybody have different kind of potential and talent. But some people don't have any potential and talent at all. So... Albert Einstein potential and talent was his intelligence. The World Smartest Man in the world of history. That's my opinion.

Does everybody know who fola okeyemi is?

Well no one knows who she is now but she soon going to be famous during this year yall will be in for a surprise for a 13 year old she has alot of talent