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On a smooth surface because there is less friction to slow it down.

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Q: Does a toy car go farther on a smooth surface or carpet?
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Will a toy car go farther on carpet or wood surface?

Wood. Deff Wood. Carpet Will Slow It Down And SEX!

What will go further a light or heavy car?

Both because heavy cars go farther down a hill. The light car go farther on regular flat surface.

Will a toy car go further on carpet or wood surface?

Wood. There is less friction.

How far will the toy car travel down a ramp at a height of eight centimeters?

There are more variables to determine this correctly. How much rolling resistance? How smooth is the surface? Weight of the toy? If the toy does not roll easily it could just sit on the ramp and never move at all. If rolling the toy across carpet it will go less distance then on a surface that is smooth as glass.

Does a toy car roll smoothly on a extra fluff on a carpet?

No, it won't because if the carpet is stuffed with fluffy stuffing, then the carpet would be bumpy and also rough.

How do you remove kerosene smell from car carpet?

Kerosene smell car carpet

Exact velocity require to float car on water surface?

The bottom surface of a car will not be of smooth to make it Float. By the way, even a small boat, whose said surface is smooth, even at zero velocity, due to buoyancy force exerted by the water, it floats. If one really wants to make a ca (whose density is more than the water at displaced area)with smooth boat like bottom surface, the velocity should be such that the water should would exert a buoyancy force as if car density is less than water.

What is the effect of friction of a speed of a toy car?

If the toy car is on a smooth surface, there is less friction. Therefore, the car will most likely go faster. On the other hand, if the car is on a bumpy surface, there is plenty of friction. Therefore, the car will most likely go slower and stop at a shorter distance.

What surfaces would make a toy car go down a ramp faster?

You will need a very smooth surface that has less friction.

You are likely to slide on a shiny floor.why?

Some of us slide on a shiny floor because there is less. Friction on a smooth surface are a car travels faster on a smooth road. Than a rough road.

How does surface of car affect car speed?

If the surface is rough/bumpy , the vehicle cant safely go as fast as it can on a smooth road. Also if the car is bouncing, it's aerodynamics will be disturbed causing more drag. Ground clearance also has to be increased on rough roads, causing more drag.

How expensive is it to remove mold from fabric seats and carpet in car?

How expensive is it to remove mold from fabric seats and carpet in car?