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you need or you will get in jail

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Q: Does a prayer for judgment count on insurance?
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How will a Prayer for judgment Continued in NC affect Virginia points and insurance?

It shouldn't affect it at all... for nowIt shouldn't at all. According to North Carolina law, a "prayer for judgment continued" is not a conviction. a great resource on prayer for judgment check out: http://prayerforjudgment.comFind out when your judgment will be dismissed and under what conditions. A second offense in North Carolina could cause both to be convictions.

Is a prayer for judgment or an improper equipment better?

Prayer to forgive is the best. :)

Do you have to pay for the ticket with a prayer of judgment?


Why is the legal prayer for remedy or relief called a prayer?

For a great resource on prayer for judgment check out:

Prayer for judgment in VA?

Decision without trial

Can a prayer for judgment be used for DUI?

A Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) is a finding of guilt without an entry of judgment for a criminal or traffic offense. A Prayer for Judgment Continued is a judge-granted remedy that is unique to North Carolina and may not be recognized by other states. However, a judge is not authorized to grant a PJC for a Driving While Impaired (DWI).

Can prayer for judgment be used in the case of tailgating traffic violation?

You can pray about anything. If you are guilty I doubt your prayer will be answered to your satisfaction.

When will a prayer of judgment be dismissed?

After 3 years, it will not be in effect and you can use it again if needed.

Is a prayer judgment the same as a conviction?

In the context in which the question is asked, probably yes. A "prayer" in the legal context, refers to the specific amount asked for as damages at the end of a complaint or petition. A prayer gives the judge an idea of what is being sought by the plaintiff, and if the defendant fails to answer, they may have a default judgment entered against him/her for the amount that was "prayed" for.

Are life insurance policies judgment proof in California?

beats me

Does reading a prayer count as you saying the prayer?

This kind of thing seems to vary from one religion to another, so you need to be specific.

What happens if you forgot to mention a driving fine on your car insurance?

I'm not an insurance agent, but having a good friend in the business and a good bit of tickets to deal with, I think I might be able to help a little. If it is a non moving violation (such as not wearing a seat belt, or expired tags... something like that) then it doesn't count against you. If you had 1 prayer for judgment (i think it's one every five years) then that will not count against you either. If it's a speeding ticket, two prayer for jodgements, or something you might have gotten arrested for, you might want to report it. In any case, the agent is able to pull up your driving records in their computer, so they will likely see the mistake and take the correct actions to make your policy valid.