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No. The contract you signed when you financed the car gave you the terms and conditions which had to be met in order for you to retain your vehicle - that's your notice, right there. Creditors and repossession agents tend not to give notice, largely because debtors have been known to try to hide vehicles or evade repossession by other methods.

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Q: Does a creditor have to give some kind of notice in Oregon when your car is up for repossession?
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Does a creditor have to give written notice concerning repossession of your car?


How long do you have to file a claim in Florida?

Your policy requires that you, ''promptly report all accidents'' failing to do so could result in the claim being denied, file it immediately.

What are my rights for auto reposession in Colorado?

The car company generally has to give you notice before going through with a repossession. Also, they should give you the opportunity to pay the outstanding bill before resorting to a repossession.

What are the laws of repossession pertaining to goods sold in Penna.?

Once the property is taken back, the creditor will probably try to sell it. The creditor must give you written notice of the time and location of the sale. It is a good idea to go to the sale, so that you can make sure that the property is displayed and sold properly. You want the property to be sold at the highest possible price, because the money the creditor gets from the sale will be applied toward your debt.

What are the laws and requirements in new york state?

New York state repossession law state that creditors can repossess goods in default without going to court. If repossessing the goods is not feasible, the creditor can make the goods unusable instead. In addition, creditors do not have to give notice before repossessing secured goods. The only limitations creditors have on repossession are that they can't cause a disturbance, and they must proceed reasonably.

Should you call the lease creditor that you want them to reposes my lease auto?

Yes, give them a call and work it out. If at all possible avoid a repossession. It will negatively effect your credit for 7 years.

Does a creditor have to notify you if repossing a car?

In some states yes. In some state the lender is not required to give any notice at all before or after. In some states, the lender is only required to give you notice after the vehicle has been repossessed.

Can they repossess your car when parked at a friend's house?

Maybe, it is not possible to give an exact answer without knowing the state of residency. States establish the laws pertaining to the repossession of vehicles and other such creditor actions.

How should you be contacted if the car you cosigned on is being sold?

In a few states both the primary borrower and the cosigner must be notified by the lender through a "Right To Cure" notice before repossession action can occur. In Wisconsin a replevin order is necessary before a repossession can take place, but the cosigner is not always notified. In the majority of states the lender does not need to give either the primary or the cosigner notice of repossession action.

What do you do if you have not received anything from your repo or creditor and it has been 93 days since the repo and no notification of anything?

Laws regarding the duty of a creditor after a repossession will vary by states. Some states require the creditor to give you notice of the sale in order to be able to recover a deficiency judgment, but there may be 50 different answers to your question depending on the state where you live. Send the lender a certified letter stating unless you here from them in WRITING in the next ten days you will assume your debt is cleared....also check your credit report and see if they have reported anything,if they have dispute it since you have no notification.Good Luck

Can car company put lien on house if person is on SSI and can't pay car loan Voluntary repossession.?

Not directly, and not always. In order to put a lien on a house a creditor must have a "judgment" against the person who owns the house. In order to take a judgment, the creditor usually must repossess the car, sell it at a commercially reasonable sale, credit the proceeds (less costs of taking and sale) to the account, and demand the remainder as a "deficiency" balance. If the debtor doesn't pay the "deficiency", the creditor can sue in the civil courts. The debtor usually has 30 days to answer the deficiency claim, and there are MANY, MANY defenses to deficiencies. For example...that the creditor did not give the debtor the option of a public or private sale; that the creditor, after repossession, did not give the debtor a fair opportunity to redeem the vehicle; that the creditor violated the consumer's rights in taking the vehicle without a court order over active and unequivocal protest; that the creditor overcharged the debtor on interest, finance charges, insurance premiums, documentation fees, etc. The debtor may even have a counterclaim against the creditor for violating repossession laws, which in any event would equal the finance charge plus 10% of the cash price. This is where an experienced consumer defense attorney is essential. Bear in mind, however, that the creditor can forget about the repossession of the collateral and sue directly on the obligation, which would make the debtor have to defend at an earlier stage.

What is Maine state law on repossession of a vehicle?

Must provide debtor with a 14 day notice to cure. Allowing debtor to pay all back money owed. Repo must be peaceful aka no enrty to a home no public disturbance ect. Creditor must hold vehicle 14 days after repo to give debtor opportunity to pay missed payments and fees associated with the repo. Creditor must provide debtor with notice of intent to sell vehicle. Any proceeds of sale go to pay the balance of the loan. Licsense plates and personal property remain with debtor