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Q: Does a car have momentum when it's sitting still?
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Which has a greater momentum a car sitting still or a pebble rolling down a hill?

Momentum is the product of mass x velocity. At zero velocity, momentum will also be zero.

What has greater momentum a car standing still or a bug fyling?

Assuming that both the stationary car and the flying bug can be analyzed against the same reference point, the bug has the greater momentum. Momentum is defined as the product of mass and velocity. If the car exhibits no motion, then its momentum is zero. Since the bug is flying, it has nonzero velocity and a nonzero momentum, which is greater than the car's momentum.

Which is A child weighing 20 kg sitting inside a car of mass 1000 kg moves with a velocity of 10 m s What is the total momentum of the child and the car together?

Use the momentum equation! ∑M * V = (20 + 1000)(10) = 10,200

When ever an object is standing still the momentum is?

When an object is still it has no momentum. That is, the momentum is zero.

Can a slower car have more momentum than a faster car?

Yes. The Formula for momentum is Momentum= Mass x Velocity. If the slower car has a larger mass, it will likely have a larger momentum.

If you drop a suitcase out of a car what happens to the cars momentum?

If you drop a suitcase out of a moving car, the momentum of the car will decrease as there will be less mass, therefore less momentum. :)

Does your car use gas when you are sitting still?

If the engine is running it is using fuel.

Why does a person without a seat belt continue moving in a car accident?

Momentum! Car has momentum before an accident, this momentum is transferred to the person after the car has made an abrupt stop (accident).

An example of momentum?

Momentum is motion. When a car is moving it is exhibiting momentum. A young professional getting promotions is experiencing momentum.

Why do my Car stalls went sitting still?

if you do have gas in the car then it could be the idle control valve. it stops the engine from stalling when the car is stationary

When a toy truck collides into a toy car the momentum of the what is the same before and after the collision?

The total momentum of the system doesn't change. In this case, it refers to the momentum of the toy truck plus the momentum of the toy car.

What is the momentum of an 800kg car traveling at 20 m s?

what is the momentum of a 800kg car travelling at 20m/s