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Q: Does a car going 70 mph have wave motion?
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How can you tell the motion of your frame of reference?

usually the motion of your frame of reference is 0. When you are in a train going 50 mph, your frame of reference would be you are going 0 mph and the tracks are traveling at -50 mph.

What are some examples of uniform motion?

A vehicle traveling at exactly 60 mph down a perfectly straight road. This is uniform motion. Uniform motion is when an object is moving in a straight line at a constant speed.A car on a busy road.The motion of the car is traveled in same speed is called uniform motion.The car is going in retardation motion is called uniform motion

Speed of car in MPH?

It matters how fast the car is going!

Give an example of how the apparent motion of an object depends on the observers motion?

If you are standing still and a car passes you at 60 mph it appears to be moving at 60 mph If you are traveling in a car at 60 mph and a car alongside you traveling in the same direction at 60 mph it appears to be not moving, since the relative velocity is 0

A car traveling 100 kph is going how many mph?

100 kph is going 62.14 mph.

What makes a car run hot going 70 mph?

Low anti-freeze makes a car run hot going 70 mph.

The speed of a car is a measure of how?

How fast it is going. MPH.

How many feet per second can a car going 55 mph go?

A car going 55 mph is traveling at about 80.667 feet per second.

Is an Objects with greater momentum are harder or easier to stop?

Put it this way... Would you rather get hit with a car going 70 MPH, or a car going 5 MPH?

Can radar work when police in motion?

No. With police officers in motion, it would appear that cars would be going slower. Say that a car is going 50 MPH, and you are going 45 MPH. Eventually the vehicle wil be ahead of you. Now say you are a police officer with radar. If you test this car, it will appear (on radar) that the 50 MPH car is only going 5 MPH, thus to get the accurate speed, you must be going 0 MPH.Disagree. The original police radar required a stationary unit. Radar is use for the past 30 years is capabable of adding or deducting the speed of the police car from the observed speed. It does not require that the police car be in one fixed spot.Added: The second cotributor is correct. I seriously doubt that any of the old radar units are still in operation much less certifiable as accurate. ALSO: the term "radar" is a commonly used by the the public to describe ALL police speed-clocking devices. Any of these can be calibrated to be used while the vehicles are in motion.

If a car is traveling 55 MPH can the car behind it be going 55 MPH too?

Yes, but any faster and you'll eventually hit the car in front of you?

Which of Newton's Laws explain why motorists should buckle up?

Inertia. When an object is in motion it tends to stay in motion. When an object is at rest it tends to stay at rest. An example is if you are in a car going 50mph. You would also be going 50 mph. That is why you should wear a seatbelt on a vehicle, because when the car stops you need something to stop you.

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