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If the angle of incline or distance is greater yes.

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Q: Does a car go faster going down bigger slopes?
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How do you slide down the slopes in meteorite falls in Pokemon Emerald?

There are slopes that can be slide down. But some of those slopes cannot. The slopes which you can slide down where the ones with lesser height. Slopes with greater height cannot be used to slide down.

Why does a biker going down a hill is faster than a biker going down the hill?

gravity is the one to blame . gravity pulls down the biker closer to earth so it goes faster going down and slower going down

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well i wouldn't realy call it pull. but they slide down. for example u place a toy car at the top of the slope then let it go. see what happens... the higher it goes the faster it rolls down!

Why do cars move faster going down?


What are the factors that make slopes more susceptible to the pull of gravity?

Because the slopes are sliding it is easy for gravity for pulling...

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Because they're both being acted on by gravity. The one going down is faster, because gravity is pulling it down in addition to the motor propelling it forwards. The one going up is having to counteract the force of gravity trying to pull it back down.

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that depends. If you are Going down hill then in the air is faster.

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Ronnie suggests they go down the green slopes first since the blue ones in Vail might be harder.

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