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it can, mine is bad and i will get smoke from time to time.

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Q: Does a bad charcoal canister make your car smoke?
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What are symptoms of a bad charcoal canister?

According to my FSM it is: Poor idle, stalling and poor driveability

How do i repair CEL code p0446 on 1996 Eclipse GST?

1- Loose gas cap 2- Vacuum line off of fuel tank or evaporative charcoal canister 3- Bad evaporative vent solenoid 4- Bad wires to evap vent solenoid Its most likely the evaporative charcoal canister Zak.

How do you tell if a charcoal canister is bad?

It doesn't really go bad, just make sue it's not clogged or contaminated with water. Use an air compressor to check if it's clogged. Plug the air compressor into one of the nozzles.

What happens if charcoal canister goes bad?

You would have a strong gas smell. If it's an older car, it may run badly because the charcoal can be sucked into the carberator. The only thing it really does is filter the air from the carb and tank.

Does charcoal go bad?

Charcoal does not go bad

Where is the evaperator canister on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

your evap canister is located underneath the vehicle beside the drivers left rear qauter panel beside your spare tire.s-10 blazers have alot of problem with these leaking.If you pull off any of the lines and gas or charcoal bits come out, the unit is bad, or if it wieghs over 4 pounds i think then it's bad.

Will bad gas make your car smoke and stall?

It can.

What is the purpose of putting pieces of charcoal inside the refrigerator?

Charcoal absorbs bad smells. The porous property of charcoal will absorb any odours that are in your fridge.

How bad does smoke hurt people?

it CAN make you DIE EARLY

How user friendly is this vaccum for someone with a bad back?

This vaccum offers a detachable canister to make cleaning easier on the back.

Why do i smell Gas jeep 1994?

Check your fuel vapor canister. this is a charcoal canister that collects your fuel vapors and redirects then through your engine to burn. when the canister fails you will get a strong fuel odor from the vehicle. It is located in the front area of your vehicle.

Is it bad to smoke when a girl is on their period?

It is always bad to smoke.