Does a 1999 car need a emission test?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Laws on this vary by jurisdiction. Without knowing where you're at, we have no way of knowing the laws of where you're at. For the most part, in places where emissions testing is required, a 1999 model year vehicle will not be old enough to be exempt from requiring testing.

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In the state of Connecticut any vehicle 25 years or older is exempt from emission testing.

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Q: Does a 1999 car need a emission test?
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Will a car pass ON emission test with check engine light on?

No, it will not.

How do know if your car needs an emissions test in Illinois?

If you are asking this question then your car probably needs an emission test

Where can you have your car smoke emission analysis done?

any good garage or test center

What exactly is an emission test and why is it necessary?

An emission test is used to make sure your car won't let out too many pollutants into the air. It is necessary to reduce air pollution in a city.

What is an emission problem?

it means you car is not "good enough" to meet the standards for you county/state rules for vehicle inspection. my car failed the emission test but i just needed an catylct concerter and i went back and passed

Can a used car dealer sell you a car without an emission test in Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, an emissions test must be passed in order to buy or sell a car. If a dealer sells a car to a customer and it fails emissions, the dealer is responsible for it.

Can a p1448 code on 1999 mercury villager make car not start or stall?

NO Emission control only, does not affect performance.

What could be done if car won't pass emission test?

Nothing but do all the repairs necessary in order for it to pass. If you state requires this test, you have no other choice.

How many miles do you have to drive a jeep after you reset check engine light to pass emissions?

you need to drive between 40 ti 50 miles to pass emission test , if the light comes back before that , you need to fix your car

You have taken a theory test for a bike do you need to take one for a car?

yes you need to take it for a car as its a different test,you also need to take it again if you do a lgv test

Documents to keep in the car?

Your insurance card and registration are required. Some states also require that you keep emission test results there.

Why wont car pass emission mechanic and emission tech suggest driving car more because you recently jumped off another car?

Your car has to perform a drive cycle in order for the self diagnostics to complete it's test. If your car had a dead battery recently or the battery was disconnected recently it won't pass emissions until it has performed a drive cycle.