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No, there is no right of recission in the state of Kentucky. Once you sign a contract to purchase a car in the state of kentucky, you own a vehicle whether you have driven the vehicle off the lot or not.

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Q: Does Kentucky have a 3 day right of recision law for a new car?
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How does the recision law apply to new car purchases?

This is an area of great misconception. Many believe that a three-day "right of recision" comes with the purchase of a motor vehicle. This is NOT TRUE. The only agreements that carry such a right of recision are: * Home solicited sales-that is where the contact between buyer and seller was initiated entirely by the seller at the home of the buyer (not at the buyer's invitation) * Contracts that expressly allow a stated recision period.

Does the 3-day right of recission apply in Illinois?

Yes. The State of Illinois abides by the 3 day right of recision.

3 Day right of recision?

ummm-no. cars/motorcycles...etc nope. 3 day rights of recision apply to: 1)when you are doing a primary home mortgage -and there are certain exclusions-you should ask what the rights of recision are before signing. 2)when someone comes to your home to sell you something - ie door to door Kirby guy.

How many days do you have to return a used car in Tennesse?

Once you have signed the papers or finance contract, if financing, and you drive the automobile off the lot, it becomes yours. There is no 3 day right of recision in Tennessee.

Is there a 72 hour change of mind clause when purchasing a new car in Georgia?

I doubt it. The 3 day right of recision is generally reserved for only those purchases made in your home with a door to door salesman.

Is there a three day recision on a motorcycle purchase in the state of Florida?


Does Illinois have a 30 day return policy on vehicles?

No, Illinois has a 3 day right of recision, meaning you can cancel a contract within 3 business days of signing it.

Does recision law apply to real estate?

The 3 day right of recsission apply to refinance transactions but not purchase transactions.

Does the three day right of recision apply to smc phone salespersons?

It applies to unsolicited sales. Not the sale of vehicles, but to an unsolicited sale that you did not initiate.

What is the time limit to return a new car in the state of Illinois?

Illinois has a 3 day recision law which allows cancellation of a contract within three business days after the contract was signed.

Is their a 3 day right of recision in Tennessee in auto buying?

To my knowledge, "The right to recision" only exists (with a car dealer) if you were to complete your purchase off-sight, that is not on the automobile dealership's property. If you sign all of your papers at the dealership, there is no right of recision. However, if you signed all of your papers (at the dealership) and did not physically take "delivery" of the vehicle, that is left the vehicle at the dealer, the sale is not completed. The reverse however holds true too for the client. Let's say a client signs all of their loan documents on an automobile (at the dealership and is given copy's) and takes delivery of the vehicle; If the loan is then declined by the finance institution that the dealer may use, the dealer is bound to the contract and has to guarantee the loan. In other words, the dealer can't back out of the transaction either.

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