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If you are asking is there a cooling off period or buyers remise law in Florida on the purchase of a used car the answer is no. Once you sign the contract you are legally bound to that contract and it cannot be cancelled unless the seller agrees to that cancelation. The Buyers Remorse or Cooling Off Period laws do not apply to the sale of a new or used vehicle in any state.

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Q: Does Florida have a right to cancel a contract to purchase a used car.?
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Can a car dealership cancel a purchase?

A car dealership can cancel a purchase if they haven't received the right amount of money to honor the contract. Otherwise, they can't cancel a contract that has already been signed.

Is there a right of refusal on a auto purchase in Illinois?

After signing a sales contract, you have three business days to cancel the transaction.

What is the NJ statutory cooling off period in a contract purchase of a vacation network with a no right of rescission clause?

If you are talking about a network like Sundance Vacations, just call the company and tell them you want to cancel your contract, but be persistent. They will cancel it for you.

What if an 18 year old signs for his younger brother at a gym Giving that he has no job to pay for either of them. do we as parents have a right to cancel this contract?

No, the parents do not have the right to cancel. However, the minor does have the right to cancel a contract in his own name. If the older brother signed as a guarantor, he can be held liable if the minor voids the contract.

Can you cancel your insurance right after i get into an accident?

No. They make you sign a contract.

How many days do you have to return a new car in the state of fl?

None. There is no right to rescind the contract for purchase of a vehicle in Florida. Once you sign the contract, the vehicle and the loan are yours.

Is there a right of recission law on used car purchases in Colorado?

The rescission law or buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle. You would have to prove fraud in order to cancel the contract.

Does Pennsylvania have a buyers remorse law a consumer has 3 business days to cancel a health club contract?

Yes, but a health club contract is defined as having a term greater than 3 months. A 3 month contract or less does not give you the right to cancel.

Maryland State law regarding right of rescission on purchase of a vehicle?

There is no cooling-off period for vehicle purchases in Maryland. The only way that you could cancel the contract would be if they could not produce the finance terms that they promised.

I have a signed contract with a window company that states i was getting Gorell Windows know they want me to change to Silverline Anderson windows. What can I do?

Cancel the contract. If the contract specifically states Gorell and does not include other language referring to allowable substitutes you should be able to cancel. When did you sign the contract? Was the contract signed in your home? You likely have a right of rescission as well. Silverline is not Gorell.

Can you void a car contract if you don't take delivery due to scratch?

No, you can't. A minor cosmetic defect does not give you the right to cancel the contract, unless the contract specifically guarantees that the car will not have the slightest blemish.

Can you return a new car after just leasing it?

There is no right to rescission on any contract involving the purchase or lease of a vehicle. However the leasing dealer may allow you to cancel the lease with a penalty of course. You need to contact the dealers finance officer.