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Q: Do you tip a valet to park your car if his firm charges you for the service?
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How do you use the word 'valet' in a sentence?

Give the "valet" your keys and he'll park your car. The ''valet'' will park your car. "Valet" Parking.

Where can one go for a car valet in New York City?

Car valet service can be attained from many companies. Some of these companies are Edison ParkFast, Icon Parking Systems, Park Right Corporation, Rutherford Place, and Fifth Avenue Valet.

What are the duties of a valet?

Park you're vehicle for you.

What are the duties of a valet Parker?

Park you're vehicle for you.

Does Heathrow offer valet parking to its guests?

"According to my recent research, I have discovered some interesting facts regarding Heathrow Valet. The Heathrow Valet parking is very secure. While you are away, your car will be parked in a BAA secure car park."

What is valet parking service?

That is where you leave you car with the attendant and they park it somewhere in a guarded lot . You simply get on the shuttle bus to the airport departure hall. When you return they bring the car to you at their office.

What do you call those guys who park your car for you?

Valet, singularValets, plural

Where to get a valet uniform in gta san Andreas?

You get a valet uniform after completing the mission 555-WE-TIP. When you get to the hotel you have to follow the valet down to the car park and then kill him there. After which you steal his clothes and go on with the mission.

What do you call people that park your car for you?

The person who parks your car is called a valet.

How does Gatwick valet parking work?

When you arrive at the airport, go to the relevant terminal, where a valet will be waiting for you. Leave your car with the professional valet. He will take your vehicle and park it at the safe parking space. When you return your car will be waiting for you at the terminal.

Where can one park at Bradley Airport?

There are various parking spaces at Bradley Airport including The Z airport parking, Galaxy self park, Executive valet parking. The best parking and easiest to come by is Roncari Express valet parking.

What companies offer valet car park services at the Heathrow Airport?

Only the British Airways company offers valet parking at the Heathrow Airport. However, the valet parking services are actually operated by LHR Airports Limited and APOCA.