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You do take your own vehichle when you take your road test.

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Q: Do you send your own car when going for a road test?
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What makes a car feel as if it is going a bumpy road?

a bumpy road

Can you use a car in a road test if the windshield has a crack in it?


What does it mean to test drive the car?

To test drive a car means to take a car for a drive and see if you like the way it handles the road or just to see if you like the car :)

Can you use a self parking car for a road test?

Not in the State of Texas.

Can you take Va road test without your own car?


Why would your car not be able to be used for a road test?

The reasons a car probably wouldn't be allowed to be used for a road test could be lack of safety equipment-lights,rear view belts, etc.

How do you test a car horn on a car?

Go off road and test it their. Put power to it and see if it works. There is only one wire on it and that's the power.

What is the passing score for car driving test.. I mean on road test?

In the UK, you are allowed 15 minor faults.

Is there a rental car company that will let 16 year olds take a road test?

Rental car companies do not rent cars to 16 year olds, so they would not allow them to take their cars on a road test.

Where is the best place to road test your new sports car?

The best place to take your new sports car for a road test is with the car dealer before the purchase. If you want more information about how it has been reviewed, visitg

Explanation why a car going around a bend wet road tend to slide off the road?

The damp road surface, plus the momentum of the car's weight going round a bend, could cause a loss of friction, resulting in a slide.

What do you need with you as the driver in order to take the road test?

car and keys but not your own you only earn it if you pass the driving test