Do you really need cars

Updated: 4/28/2022
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How could you live without cars

they are one of the most important things in everyones life

by ap1

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Q: Do you really need cars
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Can you get more cars on The Sims 2?

you need night life expansion pack first. You download really good cars at

Why do you need cars?

We need cars to travel about in

Why do people need cars?

Umm, they really dont drive?? people drive them, you need to learn to drive then you can drive the car... it's quite obvious really......

Why you need cars?

you need cars to get u from a to z

Why you need speed?

you need speed in need for speed because racing cars or cars would not be the same without speed and racing cars need to have speed to be racing cars

Can cars really do wheelies?

yeah cars can really do wheelies,Vin diesel in fast and furious.

What is the Cheapest Car Insurance for 3 cars?

Its really going depend on the cars and the area, you need to shop around I would start with Allstate there number is 877-834-0398

How have cars changed?


What do you need to put dual exhaust on your crown Victoria lx?

You really just need the parts. These cars come with or without dual exhaust. Its the parts that cost a bundle.

What are the best cars in need for speed shift?

the cars i have are the Lamborghini lp-640 with the works applied, Chevy corvette Z06 with works and many others.Those are the really good ones. Always get the cars with works on them, some cars that put works on them may be very helpful or just can suck.....But if ur looking for tier 4 cars, i suggest the Pagani Zonda R, really good but costs 1,200,000 dollars.

Do cars really need to warm up first?

yes , it requires min 20 sec for oil circulation in side the engine

Are Smart Cars Really Safe?