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yeah u need to take drivers ed to get a permit No. There's dozens of kids at my school with a license that never took drive ed.

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Q: Do you need to take drivers- ed and a behind the wheel course to get a permit?
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Do you need your permit to go take the behind the wheel test?

no, it's the other way around. You need to have your permit to take behind the wheel training.

What is drivers ed?

drivers ed is a class u take before getting your permit. You must pass all the segments to earn the permit, drivers ed has a few written exams and then you get behind the wheel. You must have a permit to get your license at the age of 16.

In Georgia if over eighteen do you need drivers permit before you can get your drivers license?

You always need to obtain a drivers permit--regardless of age. You take the written test for the permit, go and get some hours behind the wheel with another driver, and then take the actual driving test for the license.

Can you drive with a learner's permit before taking behind the wheel instruction?

I think you can if you are with an experienced driver. One that has a drivers license. At least that is what i THINK.

What is the pink slip for from drivers ed?

It means a temporary permit after 10 hours of class instruction and 2 hours of behind the wheel(BTW)

Do you obtain your driving permit before going to driving school in California?

It is best for you to obtain your permit first because on your first lesson of behind-the-wheel training, your permit will be signed by the licensed instructor from that school. Their signature validates your permit so you'll be able to drive legally with a licensed driver 25 years or older. I do know a school that doesn't require you to have your permit to begin training. They are called If you don't have your permit and you want to begin your behind-the-wheel, they would just issue you student license so you can drive with them only.

What you need to get a drivers license in Tennesee?

A permanent address, social security number, and of course have to pass the written tests and the behind-the-wheel test.

Do you have to take behind the wheel in drivers ed in Illinois?

Yes you do

How old do you have to be to get a driving permit in St. Louis?

A drivers permit is issued for new drivers. Once the candidate driver has completed the required behind the wheel time as stipulated by state law, then that person needs to take the driving test with a MVD Examiner. Upon completion, and of course passing, that driving test, the candidate is eligible for a normal drivers license.

How do you change the battery on a 1999 Dodge Stratus?

behind the drivers front wheel.

When does a permit in California become valid can you wait six months once you have a permit and then do your drivers training and then take your license?

In California, after you get your permit, it is illegal to drive with it until you do at least one behind the wheel drving lesson, ususally 2 hours. Once the instructer signs off on it (there should be a space on your permit for it) then it is valid. You can do the rest of the diving courses whenever, but you have to complete all of them to get your license. If you drive with your permit before taking the first course and getting the instuctor to sign it, then you would technically be driving illegally, and if you get pulled over you'd be in major trouble. Hope that helps!

Do you have to take drivers ed to get your license in FL?

In Florida, you have to take a state approved drivers ed course as well as 50 hours behind the wheel training.