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You ALWAYS need insurance on a financed car, and it has to be full coverage. Doesn't matter what state you're in.

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Q: Do you need insurance on a financed car in NJ?
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Is it true that if you are 18 in NJ you need to have car insurance in order to get a license?

No, you do not need to have insurance to get your license in NJ. You can get your license before you even own a car.

Where can I find the car insurance rate in nj?

You can go to to search for car insurance in the NJ region for free.

What's the lowest rate for car insurance in Camden, NJ?

Ed Ramming Insurance in Camden, NJ has the lowest rates in Camden NJ.

Where can one find cheap NJ car insurance?

One can find cheap NJ car insurance from the IFA Insurance Company. IFA is headquartered in Clark, NJ. You can contact IFA at 1 (877) 432-0292 for quotes.

What is the best car insurance, NJ rate, on the internet?

The rate you pay will be determined by the vehicle type. You can compare multiple quotes for NJ car insurance at

Should you cancel the car insurance on a repossessed car in NJ?


What services are provided by NJ Manufacturers Car Insurance?

The following services are provided by NJ Manufacturers Car Insurance: Personal auto insurance, roadside assistance, home insurance, banking, mortgages, to name a few.

Can you get a car insurance in NJ with a permit?

You can not register a vehicle in NJ on a permit so therefore you can not get insurance on a car in NJ on a permit. However, If your insuring a vehicle that is co-owned by your parents then they can insure it for you but you cant go anywhere without them or a responsible adult.

Does a seventeen year old new driver need to be listed on your car insurance if she just occasionally drives your car in NJ?

As Far as I knwo in order for anyone that is not you to drive your vehicles, they need to be on there, especially since this is a minor. Id check with your insurance company.

Where can I find good car insurance quotes for nj?

You can find auto insurance quotes for your area at

Can I get a car insurance NJ quote without an actual car?

Yes, you can get a quote without a car. However, you can't secure insurance without the VIN number.

What company offers the best rate in NJ for car insurance?

Insurance in the state of NJ is some of the highest in the nation. I would suggest trying Geico for low rates.