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when is a spotter required when operating scissor lift equipment

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Q: Do you need a spotter when your working on a scissor lift?
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Do you need a license to operate a scissor lift?

There are many vehicles in which the driver needs a certification or a license to operate. A Scissor lift is a vehicle in which the driver needs a certification in order to use it.

I really need to get a scissor lift table. Where can I get a good one?

You can get a good lift table from Direct Industry. They have some good ones that aren't too expensive. Check out Northern Tool and Equipment. They have a good selection of lift tables that are relatively inexpensive.

In cheerleading If a stunt fall the spotter should try to catch?

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Does it make sense to purchase scissor lift equipment?

It's becoming an increasingly common trend today to rent scissor lift equipment rather than purchasing it outright. Renting such a lift is also a prudent idea in light of the current economic environment, and therefore investing a large sum of money on equipment may not be practicable for a business if it is not required on a daily basis. Aside from the cost-cutting factor, another advantage of renting a scissor lift is that the work gets done but you don't have the headache of storing and maintaining such a large and heavy piece of equipment. It makes more sense to rent a scissor lift if the nature of tasks which require the lift is such that it does not need to be carried out regularly. Several companies rent out such equipment, which makes it easier for one to find a good competitive price for it. These companies can be found online, although it is highly improbable to find a company in a locality which deals ONLY with scissor lifts. It is important to consider all options, and have a good look at all the companies and their prices, before renting out a scissor lift, in order to make sure that you get the best price and good service. As scissor lift equipment can be difficult to maintain, you must also make sure that the company which you're renting from has a good service support program to assist you in times of trouble.

Do you need a spotter pulling a tube on a personal watercraft?

If you use a PWC to tow a skier or person on a tube, the PWC has to be equipped with mirrors or you will need a spotter over the age of 12. The person being towed counts towards the capacity of the PWC. (If you have a spotter and are pulling one person, you would need a PWC rated for three (3) people.)

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You will need to get in contact with the tournament organisers, most likely through their website.

How do you open a 2003 Dodge Durango lift gate if the latch is not working?

The lift gate on a 2003 Dodge Durango can be opened from the inside if the latch is not working. There is a latch on the floor close to the door that can be tripped with the use of a screwdriver to open the gate. The cable for the gate might need to be repaired after this.

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Why do snowmobiles need a lift?

Snowmobiles only need a lift if they need to be worked on. If you need to put a new engine into your snowmobile you would need to have a lift to be able to get under it and work. If you need to check your traction same goes for needing a lift to look under it.