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That depends on the Gross Combination Weight Rating (the combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the truck and of the trailer), and the purpose of the vehicle. If the GCWR comes out to more than 26,000 lbs., and the vehicle doesn't fall under one of the exemptions from CDL requirements (registered farm vehicle doing farm work, emergency vehicle, military vehicle, or recreational vehicle), then you will need a CDL.

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Q: Do you need a cdl to haul 2 cars on a trailer?
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Do you need a cdl to haul a mini excavator?

You can haul one without it.... so long as the GCWR of the truck/trailer combination doesn't exceed 26,000 lbs. with the trailer having a GVWR in excess of 10,000 lbs., a CDL isn't necessary.

Do you need a CDL to haul 500 gallon fuel trailer?

Yes. You need a CDL and a hazmat endorsement both. You're well above the allotted amount which can be transported without the tanker and hazmat endorsements.

Do you need a class a or class b cdl for linehaul driver?

Depends on the vehicle. You can run line haul in a tractor-trailer or straight truck. If you're running a tractor-trailer, you need a Class A. If it's a straight truck, you need a Class B.

Do I need to have a CDL to tow a moving trailer behind my truck?

No you do not need a CDL for this. You will need to have a license plate and registration for the trailer along with opperating tail and brake lights.

Do you need a cdl to drive a you haul truck?

No. U-Haul doesn't rent out trucks higher than Class 6, which have a GVWR under the weight requirements for a CDL.

Do you need a cdl to drive a cmv pulling a trailer?

Anything defined as a CMV will require a CDL, regardless. So if it's pulling a trailer, yes, it will require a CDL.

Would you need a CDL to drive a semi with out a trailer?

Yes, you would. Without the trailer, you could operate it with either a Class A or Class B CDL.

Do you need a CDL to purchase a reefer trailer?

I doubt it for just a purchase.

Do you need a cdl to drive for ups?

Depends on what they're driving. If they're line haul drivers, operating tractor-trailers, they'll have a Class A CDL, and the company most likely requires all of their tractor-trailer drivers to possess a double trailer endorsement, as well. For the regular delivery vans, they won't need a CDL, as they have a GVWR of under 26,000 lbs., except for New York State, which requires a CDL for all commercial use vehicles rated at over 18,000 lbs. In which case, they'd need to possess a Class C CDL.

Do you need a cdl to pull a 18 foot uitilaty trailer?

Depends on the GVW of the trailer and the Gross Combined Weight Rating of the truck and trailer.

Do you need a CDL to haul 500 gallon fuel tailer?

Yes, and you would need hazmat and tanker endorsements, as well.

Do you need a CDL if you are hauling a trailer with electric brakes?

If the total weight rating of the combination (power and trailer) is over 26,000 lbs., and it's not a vehicle under exemption for CDL requirements, then yes.