Do you need a CDL to buy a commercial truck?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. Just to drive it (if it requires a CDL - not all trucks considered commercial require one).

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Q: Do you need a CDL to buy a commercial truck?
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Can you buy a semi truck with out cdl?

Yes, but you can't drive it.

I heard truckers can make some decent money so I'm wondering how I go about getting in the truck driving business?

You'll need to complete a training course to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL) then either buy a truck and become an O/O or apply at a trucking company.

Do you need a cdl license to buy a truck?

Not necessarily, although you do need the appropriate class licence to actually operate it. You can operate anything up to 26,000 lbs. GVWR on a standard Class C licence. Anything above that, you either need a non-CDL Class B or A licence, or a Class A or B CDL, depending on what type of truck it is specifically, and if its use permits it to fall within any of the exceptions for requiring an actual CDL (registered farm vehicle, etc).

What is the best place to buy commercial truck insurance?

Allstate is your best bet for commercial truck insurance.

Where can I buy commericial truck insurance?

You can go to to search for commercial truck insurance.

Where can I purchase commercial truck parts?

Commercial truck parts can be ordered in from your local mechanic. You can also buy them on line at or at

What is commercial truck trader?

Commercial truck trader is kind of like a "super shopper" for commercial vehicles where you can buy and sell trucks with others. Check out the site it has a great deal of info!

Where can I find a commercial truck trader online?

If you are looking for a commercial truck to buy, what better place to look than on They specialize in all types of trucks, new or used.

Where can I buy commercial truck dealer equipment for a good price?

You can buy a good commercial truck dealer equipment at home depot! Not only is it located in various areas, but the workers there know what they are talking about and usually has great customer service.

How do you get a truck?

In order to get a truck you either need to buy it from a private dealer or a certified dealer.

Where in the state of AZ can you buy a commercial lug wrench?

Try a big truck dealer, in there parts dept

Where can you buy a CDL book in ny?

The CDL handbook is provided free of charge by the DMV.