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If the vehicle doesn't require a CDL and the vehicle is registered in that state, no. If the vehicle requires a CDL, yes. Vehicles falling under exemptions such as the farm truck exemption or emergency vehicle exemption vary by state.

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Q: Do you need DOT Medical Card if you do not run out of your state?
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Does a DOT medical card need to be filed with the DMV?

All states are transitioning to that system. If your state already has, it will need to be.

Do you need a DOT phyisical to to operate in Texas if you have a cdl?

You must have a current DOT medical card to maintain an active CDL in EVERY state. That is a federal law.

Can you get a Dot medical card if you have an defibrillator?

No, you can't get a DOT medical card if you have a defibrillator.

Does a chauffeur license require a DOT physical or medical card?

Usually, no, although that's something which could vary by state. You would need to contact your state's DMV 1: to see if they even have a chauffeur licence (not all states do) and 2: to see if a DOT medical card is required.

Do you need a dot medical card to operate farm trucks?

Laws on this vary by state. Inquire with your state's DMV.

Do I need to register my medical card with DOT even though I dont need a CDL for my job?

A medical card is required for the operation of commercial vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of more than 10,000 lbs. If your state requires registration of DOT medical cards, then you must do this if your job involves operating a vehicle for which a medical card must be carried by the driver, even if a CDL is not required.

How can to get a dot medical card online?

You can't. A physical examination is required to get a DOT medical card, and that cannot be done online.

How old do I have to be to get my Penn-DOT Medical card and do I need to have my license or can I have my permit?

I'm not sure of any minimum age restrictions, but it's a bit pointless to get if you're under 18... you need a DOT medical card for any vehicle requiring a CDL, and for any CMV with a GVW of 10,001 - 26,000 lbs. operating across state lines. In PA, you can't do either at 16 or 17.You don't need a permit or a license to actually get a medical card.

Do you need to carry dot medical card at all times?

Until they have all states certifying their drivers and getting medical card information into CDLIS, you should.

Do you need a current dot med card to renew cdl in va?

You need that in EVERY state.

Are you supposed to Cary with you a copy of DOT medical card when you drive?

Yes anytime your driving a vehicle that requires a health card you need to have your health card with you

Does a recovery truck operator need special licensing other than a CDL?

Yes, depending on the state a driver may also need a DOT Physical Exam and carry the DOT Medical Examination Card with them. One may also need to upgrade their driver's license to a Class A or B.