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No. You unplug the block heater BEFORE you start the truck.

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Q: Do you leave truck plugged in after truck is running?
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Why do people leave diesel trucks running?

People leave their diesel trucks running because they think it is better. It is a truck with no spark plugs.

What cause the1992 Mazda proceed truck engine to stop after running for a minutes?

Weak fuel pump? Bad fuel pump? Plugged fuel filter? Plugged air filter? Bad ignition coil? plugged catalytic converter?

Can you crank a diesel with the block heater plugged in?

I've got a 2006 F-350 KR and I do it all the time ! I don't believe it is connected to the truck circuit ! I wouldn't leave it on there after the truck has started ! ! ! !

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Do you need to have your truck running when you bleed the brakes?

No - you do not need to have the truck running.

Why does your truck bog donw when you acclaerate?

Plugged fuel/air filter? Plugged catalytic converter? Sloppy timing chain?

Why truck wont go over 40 miles an hour?

Could be a plugged catalytic converter or a plugged fuel filter.

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Why does truck heater have low air pressure?

If the truck is equipped with a cabin filter, the filter may be plugged up with debris.