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Q: Do you have to tax your car in the county it is registered in?
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What is the tax rate for new auto in DuPage county?

7.25% is the sales tax rate for cars registered in DuPage County, Illinois

If you purchase your new car out of state must you pay your local county sales tax?

You should ONLY pay the sales taxes etc. in the state where the vehicle is registered.

Can you buy a car in California and register it in Nevada?

A car that is bought in California can be registered in Nevada. The tax to be paid will be based on where the car is registered so it does not matter where the car was bought.

What is the sales tax on a new car in Georgia?

Georgia sales tax differs from county to county and you are taxed based on the county you live in. If you live in another state you don't pay Georgia sales tax you'll pay the tax to your state when you register the car.

What is the used car sales tax for Alabama?

The used sales tax for the state of Alabama on a used car is the same as a new car. 2.0% is the state sales tax. There is also city and county sales tax. This varies from each city and county.

Which county do you pay sales tax for on a car in Georgia?

Pay it in the county you reside in.

If you live in cook county Illinois but shop in lake county Illinois which tax do you pay?

If you shop in Lake County, you pay Lake County taxes. That's what most people do in Cook County who live near Lake County to avoid the exorbitant sales tax in Cook County. That is unless you buy a motor vehicle. In that case, no matter where you buy, you pay the tax based on the place the vehicle is registered. I'm not sure, but I don't think you have to pay the 3/4% Cook County use tax if you buy your car in other counties, since this is really a tax on Cook County retail dealers which is passed along to the buyer.

Is the sales tax for an auto purchased out of state based on the state in which it is purchased or the state in which the car is ultimately registered?

Where it is registered.

In California is a vehicle purchase sale tax based upon where the car is purchased or where it is registered?

The sales tax is definitely added WHERE you buy your car.

How can you find out the tax rate of a car?

Look in the county pages of you phonebook and call the ombudsman in your county and ask. Maybe you'll have a property (or car) tax clerk. You can ask her.

What is the used car sales tax in gwinnett county georgia?

gwinett county ga

What is the sales tax on a car in Westchester County NY?