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Not the dealership, but you have to pay tax, tags and title.

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2008-11-20 13:02:55
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Q: Do you have to pay the dealership anything when you win a car?
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Do you have to pay taxes if you win a car?

If you win a car you are responsible to pay taxes in the state where you live.

If you win a car but don't like the car you won can you trade it in to the dealership immediately for a car you want if so do u still have to pay sales tax on the car u won?

Yes you can trade the car. Yes you will have to pay sales tax and yes you will receive a 1099 tax form for the value of the car just in time for tax season next year.

Do you have to pay taxes of you win 500.00 in lottery?

no but anything over six hundred dollars you will have to pay taxes

How do you get a lancia stratto on gran turismo 4?

When you win the Historic Racing Car Cup you get the Lancia Stratos Rally Car '77, the only other way that I can think of is through the used car dealership.

Do I still have to pay anything if you lost a Ebay bid?

possibly. if the top bidder pulls out at the last minute you could be the next highest bidder which could potentially win you the auction but otherwise no, you dont pay anything unless you win the auction

How do you get a race car in Gran Turismo 5?

You can buy a car by going to GT Home then going to the Dealerships, Used Car Dealership, or give an existing car a racing modification from GT Auto or win one. It is also possible to receive and give cars to friends.

When you bid on an item on eBay if you don't win do they take the money that you've already bid?

If you bid on an item, but don't win, then you don't pay anything to anyone.

What is meant by a no win no fee injury claim?

A no win no fee injury claim is when you claim compensation on a injury you had, you don't pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful. Before this, you had to pay legal fees even though you lost in court.

Did I win anything?

What did I win ?

What are the opinions about when you win a Microsoft Promotional lottery in the UK?

Anyone who tells you you have won anything and that you "just have to pay for shipping" is scamming you.

How much does a college football player make when they win a game?

Nothing. It's illegal to pay college athletes anything.

Can you sue the seller of a car with a bad frame?

You can sue anybody for anything, but you probably won't win most of the time.

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