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Yes, toll violations in Illinois must be paid, even if they are committed by a person who lives in Wisconsin. It is important to pay for all violations committed.

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Q: Do you have to pay for toll violations in Illinois if you live in Wisconsin?
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How much in Tolls from Madison Wi to Chicago?

It is about $17.00 from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania. Wisconsin has no toll roads but Illinois does.

Where do you apply for a toll booth job in Illinois?

Toll booth

Can you pay online for a ticket for unpaid toll in New York?

If the toll is for the GWB you can go to and proceed to the violations page, for NY unpaid tolls you can go to and proceed to the violations page.

What is the budget of Illinois State Toll Highway Authority?

The budget of Illinois State Toll Highway Authority is 696,000,000 dollars.

How many toll booths from Chicago to Wisconsin Dells?


How much are the highway tolls between Georgia and Milwaukee Wisconsin?

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Do you have to pay at the partial toll on I-39N US-51 toward Rockford Illinois?


What states accept the Illinois I-Pass?

Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, and of course Illinois. Source:

Will a road toll violation affect my car insurance?

Generally not. Most companies do not change your insurance rate for non-driving violations.

Driving from Minneapolis to Chicago how can you avoid toll booths?

There isn't a way to travel from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Chicago, Illinois without encountering a toll booth. If you take a train, you can avoid paying a toll.

How do you pay your Illinois toll fare if you missed the toll booth?

See related links for the Illinois Tollway site page to remit unpaid tolls online. To "snail mail" your payment, send it to: Illinois Tollway, Attn: Cash Handling Division, 2700 Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515.

What is the telephone number for the Illinois Secretary of State?

217 782 6961 for Illinois residents toll free 1800 252 8980