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Not normally.

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Q: Do you get better gas mileage with the overdrive off?
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Is it best to drive ford f 150 in overdrive while driving on interstate or with overdrive off someone please let you know?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position ( in overdrive the engine doesn't rev as high , the gas mileage is better , the transmission will run cooler etc. when you drive at higher speeds )

Does turning the overdrive off increase your gas mileage on a 95 grand marquis?

No, just the opposite. Overdrive is an extra gear, the use of which, make the vehicle more economical.

Is in better to drive with overdrive on or off in 1994 4runner?

when you are drivin long distances at a higher speed, it is better to use the overdrive just for gas mileage. i wouldn't recommend using it around town due to the fact that it may cause your tranny to shift a lot more causing more wear

Why wont my 1996 Lincoln Town Car shift into overdrive?

On my 1994 there is a button in the end of the gear shift arm. This turns off the overdrive and the dash says "Overdrive Off" above the odometer and gas mileage messages. Other than that, I don't know.

When to use overdrive in a 1993 Volvo 240 automatic transmissiom?

Keep the button for the overdrive engaged at all times and the vehicle will decide when it is needed. But if you prefer to determine when to use it yourself then its best to use it when your cruising the interstate. Its basically just a 4th gear that's designed to give you better gas mileage. If your "arrow" light is lit on the dash that means that your overdrive is off. If the light is off...your overdrive is on.

Would removing the AC unit off a 1998 Chevy Malibu give better performance and increase gas mileage Also can you do that?

No it will not give you better performance or increase gas mileage. Gas mileage and performance will decrease only if you use it. leaving it off is like not having it at all.

What does dd off light mean on 2000 Honda CR-V?

Are you sure you don't mean OD off light? If so, that means that the overdrive gear in your transmission is not activated. On automatic transmission models there is a button on the end of the shift lever which controls whether the transmission is in overdrive or not. Push in on this button - the light should go out and overdrive will be activated (which will definitely give you better gas mileage).

Should the overdrive be on or off?

It should be on for best gas mileage under normal driving conditions, If towing a large load up hills and through town, it should be off.

What is the OD button for in a 2004 XL F150?

That's your overdrive button ( the top " gear " of your automatic transmission ) If the overdrive is switched off the O/D OFF light will be illuminated in your gauge cluster Overdrive is the normally allowed position , it is used on the highway / freeway and allows the engine to run at a lower RPM ( Revolutions Per Minute ) when the vehicle speed is faster , it helps you get better gas mileage and the transmission will run cooler

How do you use overdrive on a Toyota 4Runner?

I believe overdrive should automatically be enabled on any car. Overdrive allows a car to drive at fast speeds with low engine input (low revs) resulting in better gas mileage. The downside is that you lose torque. You should be able to turn it off for things like climbing mountains and using engine breaking to go down them. Unless you turn it off, it's already on.

Would you drive with the E-AT engaged or in the auto position when on the highway for better gas mileage in a Nissan Pathfinder?

Off for better gas milage , hwy or city for that matter

What is the purpose of overdrive on the 2000 Tibyand can it hurt your car when off?

Overdrive keeps your engine RPMs low when you drive faster than 45 mph Its there for fuel economy If you drive without OD it doesnt hurt anything at all except your gas mileage