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No but trying to drive with a window you can not see out of is illegal.

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Q: Do you get a fine and points if your car washer bottle is empty?
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How do you get washer fluid to work in 1987 wrangler when the wipers work fine?

There is a pump motor in the bottom of the washer bottle that pushes the fluid. Check to see if it might be dead.

When pulling the lever on my Vauxhall Corsa to activate the screenwash i get little or no water come out the pump sounds like it's working can i replace the tubescreenwash bottle myself?

Had the same problem, there is a filter between the washer bottle and the pipe which was blocked. Hubby cleaned this and now it works fine.

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Up to $1000 1 to 9 mph: $120 Fine and 1 point 10 to 19 mph $140 Fine and 2 points 20 to 29 mph $270.00 Fine and 2 points Exceeding speed limit of 65 mph by 20 to 39 mph $540 Fine and 5 points 30 to 39 mph $540 Fine and 5 Points 40 mph and over $1000 Fine and 5 Points Reckless Driving: $1000 Fine and 6 Points

How many points for no seatbelt in MI?

It is no points, just a fine, $65.

Can you get points dropped from your GA driver's license by paying a larger fine?

No. The points are assessed according to the seriousness of the violation, not to the size of the fine paid.

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