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no.not usually.

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Q: Do you do a wheel alignment when replacing the ball joints?
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How do you know if ball joints need replacing on your 2001 Grand Marquis?

Have the car checked at a wheel alignment shop.

Do anyone know a shop where you can get ball joints and a wheel alignment did for a reasonable price?

reliance auto mobile store

Can replacing shocks and struts fix an alignment?

Shocks and struts are more for the ride not the alignment. Tie rods, ball joints and how the front end is adjusted are the alignment. Jack the front end of the car off the ground. Grab the wheel at the top and bottom and see if it wiggles. If it does, that is the ball joints. Grab the sides and do the same. That is the tie rods, idler arm, pitman arm or drag link on rear wheel drive. Tie rods or the steering rack on front wheel drive. Having someone wiggle the wheel while looking at the steering linkages should let you see which part is worn.

Why does the car still shake after replacing tires?

There are a number of things that I know of that can cause this one. First off did you have an alignment done after replacing the tires? I would also suggest checking out your front end ie ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings and so on. Good luck

How do you fix a shacking problem after changing all the ball-joints on a 1996 escort lx 1.9L?

Did you do a wheel alignment? Check tie rods, wheel bearing play, and tire conddition.

Upper ball joints?

Rear wheel drive have upper ball joints, front wheel drive do not. The strut takes the place of the ball joint.

What is the procedure for replacing ball joints on a 1999 Chevy Blazer with four wheel drive?

Replacing the ball joints isn't difficult. if they are the original equipment they are riveted on, both the upper and lower ball joints have 4 rivits each, these need ground off with an angle grinder or chiseled off. once the rivits are removed your new ball joints will come with fasteners to resecure your new ball joints. you will also neet to pry the stearing knuckle off this is most easily done with a ball joint separator, it looks like a tunning fork, note it is easier to remove the stearing knuckle before removing the rivits. most people recommend having your alignment checked after changing any suspension component.

How to tell ball joints need replacing on 2000 gmc envoy?

how do you replace ball joints on a 2000 envoy

What is the alignment specifications allowable play of the lower ball joints on a 1999 dodge durango 4wd?

"0" play in lower ball joints

What should be fixed first loose front ball joint or front tie rods?

If you had to pick, fix your ball joints first. The failure of a ball joint can cause the wheel to collapse. If your tie rod falls off then, you loose steering in one wheel. The 'dead' wheel will track along. You really ought to consider the economics of replacing them all at the same time because replacing either will call for a front end alignment and the failure of either will imperil your and your passenger's lives and the lives of people in the vicinity.

How do you replace the ball joints on a 1995 ford F150 4x4?

Replacing Ball joints Check Related Links Below

Why does my front wheel shake and wobble on my 4x wheel drive 98 gmc jimmy sle?

I have a 2000 Jimmy and just had to have new ball joints put in yesterday for the same problem and then had an alignment done on it today.

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