Do toy wheels work well on mousetrap cars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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probably not i dont even think putting wheels on a mousetrap is good cuz if you do it might go down the floor someone might step on it and hert them selves

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Q: Do toy wheels work well on mousetrap cars?
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What wheels should you use for mousetrap cars?

Old CD's work well.

What are the best wheels for mouse trap cars?

Old CDs work well.

What kind of wheels for mousetrap car?

Lego wheels are the best...but we had a small selection to choose from, i would personally just strap the mice to the trap and hang food in front of them.

Why do cars have circle wheels?

Cars have circular wheels to move the easiest. Because of the circle's shape, the wheels can rotate easily. If they were not circles, it would take a great amount of work and energy to get the wheel to rotate.

Will 1986 Corvette wheels work on a 1974 Corvette?

Visit They have a lot of info on the site about what wheels and tire sizes will work on classic cars.

How much string do you need to make a mousetrap car?

The answer you are looking for lies in trial and error. I found that with the placement of the mousetrap and of my rear axel i needed about 10 inches of fishing line to get the max performance out of it. Also, Fishing line seems to work better because it rolls tighter and has a high tensil strength.

What bearings will work better on a mousetrap car and why?

u tell me

What kinds of jobs are offered to a mechanic at a car repair center?

Jobs such as engine work, body work, brakes and wheels, etc. Basically anything to do with cars has a job for it.

What can you use for moustrap car wheels?

We use CD's at our school they work quite well.

What is the problem when the odometer and speedometer dont work?

Well both of those are from sensors in the wheels so maybe make sure you are using the correct wheels.

What physics concepts are in a mousetrap car?

work, kinetic energy, potential energy, conservation of engergy

Why aren't hydraulic brakes used for rear wheels when the same is used for the front wheels?

All modern mass-produced cars and light trucks DO have hydraulic brakes on the front and the rear wheels. Heavy trucks generally have air brakes on all the wheels. Maybe you are thinking of cars that have disk brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear? On cars, these are both hydraulically operated using the same hydraulic (brake) fluid. In normal stopping situations, the front brakes do more work than the rear brakes. Maybe 70 or 80% of the braking is done by the front wheels (it depends on where the weight is in the car and how fast you stop). Disk brakes are a somewhat better brake for a car, but drum brakes are a little cheaper to manufacture. So, disk brakes are almost always used on the front wheels where the braking is more important. Drum brakes are used on the back of some cars to save money. Note that performance cars (sports cars) almost always have disk brakes on all of the wheels.