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Q: Do the suspension system mount the car's wheels solidly on the frame?
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Parts of a motorcycle?

Frame,Suspension, Frontfork,Engine, Transmission, Wheels, Tires,brakes, battery,etc.

Are there any recyclable parts of a golf cart?

Many. The engine, frame, Wheels suspension are all recyclable metals.

Where is a control arm used?

A control arm is used in automotive suspension. The control arm is also known as the wishbone, A-arm or A-Frame. The control arm is used to attach the wheels of a car to the rest of the frame.

What is a shassy on a car?

a shassy is spelled chassis a chassis is the frame that cars are built on most modern cars do not have a chassis,they have a sub frame pickups have a chassis an example would be this if you removed the cab and bed from a pickup you would be left with a frame sitting on suspension and wheels ,with engine and gearbox this frame is the chassis

Where does a car have springs?

Cars generally have springs that are attached between the wheels and the frame. It is more commonly known as a suspension and helps absorb the bumps in the road and make the drive more comfortable.

Where are the Chevy van tire jack points?

Side of van along the frame Behind front wheels and in front of rear wheels Side of van along the frame Behind front wheels and in front of rear wheels Side of van along the frame Behind front wheels and in front of rear wheels

Where is the 1998 Cadillac air suspension?

depending on what model you have it is usually on the rear suspension frame.

When was the boneshaker invented?

The boneshaker bicycle was properly called the 'Velocipede'. It was made in France in the 1860's. Named because of the rough ride caused by the solid wheels and rigid frame, with no suspension apart from the seat.

What is vehicle aggregates?

Vehicle aggregates ( frame, fuel system suspension, axle, wheel, engine, cooling sys, engine mounting, and fifth wheel coupling, cab, and steering system)

Suspension of main wheel in Cessna 152?

The main wheels are mounted on sprung steel legs, known as Whittman legs, after their designer. The nose wheel is on a air/ hydraulic oleo, mounted in part of the engine frame.

What bicycles have?

two wheels attached to a frame

What size wheels should I get for an 18 inch frame?

Depends on what size wheels the frame is made for. You could have an 18" that is meant for 20" BMX wheels, or 26" MTB wheels or 29er MTB wheels. Getting the wheel size wrong is unlikely to result in a nicely rideable bike.