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Q: Do the fuel tanks in each side of truck have to be the same size?
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Can anybody help you with fuel line diagram for your 1977 Chevy truck it has two fuel tanks and a fuel selector valve?

I am asking the same question for a 1979 Chevy C30 PU Truck & would like to see some photos or schematics. Thank you

Can you use Auto Diesel at your local gas station in a big International truck or is the diesel at truck stops somehow different and better?

Same stuff allthough the truck stop sell more diesel fuel and the inground tanks are probably cleaner.

What are some of the benefits of owning a hybrid truck?

A hybrid truck won't use up fuel at quite the same rate that a normal truck does. Hybrid trucks are considered to be more fuel-efficient and environment-friendly.

How can you make a 98 dodge neon gas tank work in a 95 dodge neon?

In a 1995-1998 the fuel tanks are the same, So yes you can interchange the tanks. while your at it you may as well change the fuel pump as well.

Were is the fuel filter on a 98 dodge Dakota sport truck?

There is no serviceable fuel line filter on your truck. The only fuel filter is part of the fuel pump assembly in the fuel tank. Like a screen strainer. I had owned a 1998 Dodge Durango with the same setup.

What are the dimensions of a fuel tank?

Fuel tanks vary in size, and so do their dimensions. Even two tanks of the same volume can have different dimensions. Some tanks are custom made with specific dimensions to fit in a specific location in a vehicle. Without more information, little more can be said about the dimensions of a fuel tank.

Why do toilet tanks and toilet bowls need to be from the same company?

Because the sizes have to be the same and be compatible with each other.

How many gallons of fuel does a 2001 dodge neon hold?

I believe 12.5 Gallons, that's what my 2000 Plymouth Neon LX has, which is basically the same and I certain they would have the same size fuel tanks.

Why are there 2 filler spots on some harley gas tanks?

older models had 2 seperate tanks called fat tanks,so each had its own filler.the new tanks look the same but are one piece units with a dummy cap

Can diesel fuel tanks be recycled?

Yes, the same as any other metal product. Normally, you would cut out the bung, though.

Why liquids mostly kept in cylindrical container as in water tanks and fuel tanks?

There are two reasons. First, the volume of liquid that a cylindrical tank will hold is more than the volume for a rectangular tank made from the same amount of tank construction materials. Second, the potentially dangerous effect of sloshing is decreased when curved tank walls are used instead of straight tank walls. This is important when tanks are subject to movement, like in an over-the-road tanker truck.

How do you measure the fuel in a semi truck?

Diesel fuel is measured and sold in the same units as regular gasoline... In the US, that's by the gallon. Most over-the-road (OTR, or 'long haul') semi's mount a 150 gallon tank on either side, for a capacity of just under 300 gallons (the tanks don't fill all the way to the top).