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Q: Do robbers now have a device that can clone the security code on the hand held vehicle locking device when used to lock the vehicle?
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How do you open alpha security movie case?

Look up patent information on the locking device. Sometimes you can see the technical illustrations and figure out how to either bypass the device or make a key for yourself.

Anti car theft device?

a bait car shuts the robbers in when driving and then you can locate them

What is the main purpose of the Viper Remote?

The Viper Remote is a device that enables a vehicle to lock or unlock as well as start from a remote device. The main purpose of this is for increased security as well as convenience in situations of extreme weather.

Where is the cisco security device manager stored?

The Security device manager is stored in the Router's Flash Memory

What is the function of a hex nut?

it is used as a locking device to secure a range of parts

Is it possible to reset or tweak a vehicle tuning device or is there any universal tuning device?

It is not possible to tweak a vehicle tuning device.

What vehicle tracking device can you recommend for my 16 year old daughter?

There are several reliable GPS tracking devices for your child. Brickhouse Security offers a very reliable tracking device, check their website at:

A disc lock is a security device for what kinds of vehicles?

A disc lock is a security device for the kinds of vehicles that are easily stolen by not having a disc lock installed. Thus, one should always have a disc lock installed so as to avoid being stolen or jacked depending on the vehicle one is using.

How to I know if I have a car anti theft device in my vehicle?

Most vehicles that carry an anti-theft device is obvious. You can find notices throughout the vehicle and the windows of the vehicle. Using the VIN number on the vehicle can show if the vehicle is equipped with an anti device system.

What parts do you need to replace the internal parts of ignition locking device?

on what kind of car

How to disable anti theft device in 2008 Chevy Impala as the car will start but gear shift is locked?

If it's your vehicle - you should already know how to disengage the security device(s). If not - we in the Wiki community will not help you break the law !

Is there a vehicle device you can put on a vehicle to tell you the temperature?