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Q: Do people get in car crashes from not wearing their seat belts?
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Are meter readers exempt from wearing seat belts?

Nobody is exempt from wearing a seat belt. Seat belts and the laws around them were designed to protect people in the event of a collision.

What is the percentage more of a crash due to not wearing a seat belt?

The number of crashes is not affected by the use (or lack thereof) of seat belts. The level of injury however is very significantly increased by the non-use of seat belts.

How many car crashes a year with no seat belts?

Well, if people would buckle up there would not be 63% of car crashes annually.

How many vehicular deaths happened to people not wearing seat belts?

most of them

How many people in 2010 died from not wearing seat belts?

100 a year

How do you be safe in a car?

by wearing your seat belts

The top excuse for not wearing your seatbelt is?

I forgot. Is heard a lot when asking someone why they are not wearing a seat belt. Cops now issue tickets to people for not wearing seat belts.

How many people survive a car crash due to wearing a seat belt?

not as many as the car crashes in the world as people crash without wearing a seat belt. that's all I know

Why don't people wear seatbelts?

Many people don't wear seat belts because they think it is a personal choice. Seat belts do protect lives, and wearing one can save you hundreds of dollars.

How many people die while wearing seat belt?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics for 2008, 10,691 people who died in auto crashes were wearing their seat belt.

What is the leading cause of expressway collisions in the state of Indiana?

people not wearing seat-belts and driving in ice

How much is the ticket for not wearing seat belts in Florida?


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