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No, they are beneath us automobilr drivers with their two wheels and helmets.

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Q: Do motorcyclists have the same rights and responsibilities on public roadways as automobile drivers?
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What percentage of American drivers are motorcyclists?

Not enough!!

What has the author John H Loughry written?

John H. Loughry has written: 'Saving our teen drivers: using aviation safety skills on the roadways' -- subject(s): Automobile driver education, Automobile driving, Education, Study and teaching, Teenage automobile drivers, Traffic safety

What are the components of the HTS?

local, state and federal roads and highways, traffic control devices on the roadways, the drivers that use the roadways.

How many motorcyclists were involved in fatal crashes because of speeding?

In 2006, 37 percent of all motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes were speeding, compared with 23 percent for drivers of passenger cars, 19 percent for light truck drivers and 8 percent for large truck drivers.

What has the author A R Lauer written?

A. R. Lauer has written: 'Tomorrow's drivers' -- subject(s): Automobile drivers, Automobile driving 'Learning to drive safely' -- subject(s): Automobile drivers, Automobiles, Safety measures

Which is used on roadways to direct drivers into the proper lanes for turning?

yellow light

What has the author Patricia A Romanowicz written?

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What has the author Garnet M Griffin written?

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Who are the right of way rules for?

All drivers operating motor vehicles on public roadways.

Can a state make you get a drivers license?

They can mandate that you get one in order to drive on public roadways, yes.

Do motorcycles always have the right of way?

No, motorcycles do not have an automatic right of way. Licensed motorcyclists are subject to the same laws as regular drivers.

When drivers and motorcyclists share the road with pedestrians whose responsibility is it to do everything possible to avoid a pedestrian collision?

The driver of the motorized vehicle.

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