Do most dealers offer certified used cars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, any dealer that sells used cars will sell certified used cars. That just means they are backed by warranties and guarantees.

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Q: Do most dealers offer certified used cars?
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Which car dealers still offer 2005 Dodge Ram Cars?

Dodge dealers still offer the 2005 Dodge Ram cars. Most Ford dealers also offer the 2005 Dodge Ram cars. Most dealers stopped selling the car in last couple of years.

Where can I buy a certified used car?

Most auto dealers sell certified used cars that should be in good condition. Try any dealer: Ford Used Vehicles, Toyota Certified Used Vehicles or even GMC Used Cars.

How do I find out if a diamond is certified?

Most diamond dealers should be able to tell you if a diamond is certified or not.

Where can one get cars with bad credit?

You can get cars with bad credit through Car Hop, Car Leasing Secrets, New Ride Loan, Cars Direct, Auto Trader and at local car dealers. Most local dealers offer programs to help those who have poor credit.

Are classic cars available from local dealers?

Most classic cars are not available for purchase from typical local dealers. However, you can find them by finding a dealer that specializes in classic cars

Can a dealer sell you a car that is not certified?

Yes. Most used cars are not certified. You can also refuse to buy a car that is not certified. Certified used cars normally have a great warranty. Sometimes even better than a new car.

Do most community colleges offer a certified accountant course?

Certified Accountant courses are offered at most community colleges. Contacting your local colleges is a good way to find out if the offer accountant certification. Yes most communitty colleges offer some form of a certified accountant course. This is a great way to go to school and still have time to work.

Which pre-owned vehicles are the best?

As with anything previously owned, there is always the risk of there being damage that a cursory inspection may not reveal. However, most automakers now support certified pre-owned programs advertised by dealers. Dealers inspect trade-ins through these programs and back the cars with a warranty but the product offered is only as good as the inspection performed.

Where can you buy used hybrid cars in London?

You can buy used hybrid cars in London at many car dealers. Most do not have them on display you may have to ask about them to see them but they do have them.

Do new car dealers also have used Jeeps for sale?

Some of them might. Most dealerships carry more than just new cars and usually more than just their brand for used cars. Check with your local dealers for their inventory.

How can I be sure that I am looking at certified cars?

Most dealerships will have a certified stick on either the windshield or make a note on the invoice that is placed on the window. When in doubt, ask a salesman,

What type of car has the best gas mileage?

Smart-cars or hybrid cars, are often considered the most gas friendly of vehicles. These cars can be found in several different dealers, and may be what you are looking for.