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You should, you've herd of dust mites and all those microscopic thing in the air. Well there's a lot more under the carpet and in the padding. But it's always your choice.

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Q: Do i need to replace carpet pad every time you get new cagprt?
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Do you need to replace carpet pad every time you get new carpet?

Usually, unless it is less then a few years old and you are replacing it for color or style reasons. But you will most likely void your warranty on the carpet by not replacing it.

Where can I find cheap carpet stores? is a trusty carpet replacement online store. They give you an overview of eveything that you would need in order to replace your carpet.

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To replace the carpet, you will need to remove the seats, console and any trim that is holding the carpet in place. Once you get everything removed, the carpet should lift out. You can get new carpet from Honda or get aftermarket carpet like this:

What sort of equipment would one need for carpet cleaning?

"You would need many things in order for carpet cleaning. There are a few that you would need for every house. There are vacuums, dusters, carpet shampoo to clean up the residue left behind, and many other things."

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What carpet cleaning tools should I have for a small home?

What are some carpet cleaning tools one would need to do a small home? I don't need to clean on a regular basis, just maybe once every few months.

Clean The Carpet After Parties?

After all the holiday parties are over and you need to clean your carpet, rent a carpet cleaning machine. You can find them at any grocery store or retail store; however, you have to take them back in about 24 hours. You can buy a carpet cleaning machine but unless you deep clean your carpets every week or every month, it is really not worth the money. All of the supplies come with the carpet cleaner when you rent the machine.

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