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No. Prior to 1995, home AC systems used R-22 and automotive AC systems used R-12. From 1995 onwards, home AC systems used R-410A and automotive AC systems used R-134A.

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Q: Do home air condition use the same refegent as car air?
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What was the piece work done at home?

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What is split air condition?

Its a ductless a/c system for the home..............

Where do I get information for air condition repair?

You can get information about air condition repair by visiting your local home depot. Also you can check online or try this website: Air condition repair is complex and should be handled by professionals.

Is a split air condition the same as a cartridge air condition?

yes. it is one of the varitions of split systems. by cartrige they just mean the evaporator and blower motor are contained in a "cartrige like" unit. it requires no duct. the condensor unit is the same as any other split system.

What do two magnets do to each other in a vacuum condition?

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How do you troubleshoot home air condition compressor?

check starting capacitors. Check voltage supply with a voltmenter from outlet to compressor.

can a air condition circuity boad be repaired?

can a air condition circuity board be repaired

Merits and demerits of air condition?

The main merits of air conditioning is the comfort it provides. It takes the humidity out of your home or office so that you can are not hot and sweaty. Demerits would be the cost. Air conditioning is expensive.

Is there a company that can fix my air condition unit cheaply?

Heating and Air can fix your air conditioner. Your comfort is their main priority, they guarantee anything they install in your home will heat or cool it for at least 5 years.

Where do I get air conditioning for my house?

When purchasing an air condition for your home, search for local heating and plumbing contractors, or, if you are buying a window unit, search prices at your area discount stores.

Why is the air flow so slow coming out of the ducts for my Goodman home air condition?

Maybe you need to rewire the fan speed to the next highest setting on the cooling cycle.

Will a 1999 3.8 mustang air condition lines fit in a 1997 3.8 mustang?

yes same size engine