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Yes they can squeal when the rubber to metal bond has been broken, the metal ring then moves over the rubber making a loud squeal. If that is the case it can sound much like a pending bearing failure on the alternator or water pump. This also means that your balancer can potentially fly apart at any moment and cause severe damage to the radiator or crankshaft sensor (if equipped). Also when the metal belt pulley does eventually slip off it will no longer be driving all the pulleys.

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Q: Do harmonic balancers squeal when they are bad?
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Where is the harmonic balancer on a 1992 tempo?

Harmonic balancers are located on the crankshaft, usually the belt side of the engine.

Are the harmonic balancers from a Chevy 350 and 327 the same size?


How can you tell if the harmonic balance is making a van over heat?

Harmonic balancers have nothing to do with engine overheat conditions.

Rod knock noise but rods and bearings are fine?

did you disassemble the engine to determine the rod condition? some harmonic balancers will make a knocking sound when they go bad

Will 307 Chevy and 350 harmonic balancers interchange?

They are both internally balanced, so it should work.

Just had harmonic balancer changed on buick park ave 93 ultra and engine started vibrate really bad on low rpm Could part being installed incorrectly?

Most definetly, the harmonic balancers entire job is to keep the engine at a perfect idle. If it's not due to improper installation, then your cam bearings are toasted.

What causes the engine to shake when idling or stopped?

A miss or A collapsed engine mount or A imbalance caused by a failing component, harmonic balancers and torque converters are common.

What is the difference between a harmonic balancer and a crankshaft pulley on 1999 Toyota Camry?

I think they are one. Harmonic balancers usually are integrated as the main driving pulley in a serpentine system. Call a toyota parts department (dealer) to make sure.

How long can you drive your car with a bad harmonic balancer?

That's an odd question, first who told you the harmonic balancer was bad? Balancers are mounted on the crankshaft at the factory, and it is actually just a weight attached to the end of the crankshaft to offest the firing of the pistons producing a smoother running motor. Harmonic balancers do not go bad, EVER, unless they are removed and damaged during engine repair (unlikely, very unlikely). They can be re-installed incorrectly after major engine repair, or simply left off due to negligence on some cars after major engine repair but I have never heard of a balancer going bad, as it is not a part that can actually fail. Harmonic balancer is a fancy word for weight, however if it has been removed or severely damaged due to impact I would strongly suggest having it fixed immeadetly as the unbalance can actually warp the crankshaft at high speeds and destroy your engine. Hate to keep driving this point home but harmonic balancers do not go bad, you should seek out another mechanic to check out your car, if I were still a mechanic I would only have told someone that if I was trying to rip them off due to their lack of automotive knowledge, or get them away from my shop because they were annoying or a problematic customer. (sorry)

Why did gm change the diameter of harmonic balancers on small block chevys?

Bigger motor, more recipricating weight, thus more vibration. Larger balancer is neds to counter the vibrations.

Does an alternator make noises when it is going bad?

If bearings go bad they will "squeal"

Can a bad harmonic balancer make a knocking noise?

A bad harmonic balancer can cause a knocking noise. The harmonic balancer doesn't actually produce the noise, but it can cause the noise in the engine.