Do employees pay for damages

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no if damage was done at work see what your contract of employment says

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Q: Do employees pay for damages
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Is the person responsible for a boating accident supposed to pay for damages?

Usually anyone that is responsible should pay for damages that they caused.

Do you have to pay for damages if your dog is hit by a car?

You may have to pay damages if it can be shown that you were negligent in letting your dog run loose.

Is it illegal to not pay employees for mileage in MI?

It is illegal to not pay employees for mileage in MI if it was agree upon. Employers are responsible for meeting pay obligations to employees.

Should you pay for minor damages if the other driver hits you when you made an illegal turn?

It being your fault, you should pay for all damages.

If you bump into a car that is not taxed do you have to pay?

whether it is taxed or not you have to pay the damages.

What is indemnifi?

To pay in pay someone for make them "whole" for their loss.

How do the insurance company pay for vehicle damages when at fault?

They generally will pay by check.

How much is it when you crash into a car?

How much is what? If you cause an accident, you will need to pay for the damages. If you are cited in a traffic violation, you will need to pay that separately. If you use insurance to pay the damages, your premium will probably raise.

Does the at-fault driver with full coverage insurance pay for the other car?

No The person who is at-fault is responsible for your damages. His insurance will pay for everything. Tow, rental, damages.

If you do not have insurance and someone hit you in the back with insurance can you have your cost paid for in Louisiana?

While you may receive a traffic citation for driving without insurance, the individual who is responsible for the collision should pay for damages. If the other driver was found at fault, he/she should pay for damages, just as you should pay for damages that YOU cause. If the police investigated the collision and found that you were both at fault, you will probably have to pay your own damages. If you did not have the police investigate the collision, you may be stuck with the damages unless the other driver agrees to pay and admitted fault.

Which of these employees are eligible for overtime and holiday pay?

hourly employees

If someone hit car in front of it and that car hits another car in front of it who going to pay for the damages to the car?

the car that that did the original striking will pay for all damages.