Do cars stop at traffic lights?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Do cars stop at traffic lights?
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How did the traffic lights help people?

it helped other people by allowing them to stop and letting cars pass

What is another way of stopping cars without using traffic lights and stop signs?

traffic barricade big rock the brakes perhaps?

What does a red traffic lights message?


What was invented before the traffic light?

use lights on cars

Where did the stop light originally come from?

Stop lights, also known as traffic lights or traffic signals, were first installed in London, England. The first traffic signal was installed in 1868 to to help control traffic.

What are some problems with traffic lights?

traffic lights can hurt animals such as deer.Deer freeze or run in front of cars when hey see lights. Imagine now a deer and LOTS of lights

How do you check brake lights alone?

Reflections in the car behind when you stop at traffic lights.

How often does a car stop at a stop?

Often, because there are a lot of traffic lights around...

What should you do if a traffic light is not working?

If the traffic lights are not working, the intersection is treated like a 4-way stop. That is, as if everyone has a stop sign.

What did the traffic lights say to the cars?

DONT LOOK IM CHANGING! like the joke?

What does an amber light shown on its own at traffic lights mean?

stop at the stop line

What will happen if there were no traffic lights?

If traffic lights are present but are not working (power failure) drivers are SUPPOSED to treat each intersection as if there is an all-directions stop sign. They rarely do that.