Do cars emit Chloroflorocarbons

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Internal combustion engines don't emit cloroflorocarbons, but they do emit hydrocarbon's. Hydrocarbons are/is unburned fuel which can be caused by a number of things,but it all leads back to unburned fuel.

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Q: Do cars emit Chloroflorocarbons
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Do cars emit sulfur dioxide?

Yes they do.

Do cars pollute the air or people?

Both. Cars emit Hydrocarbons + Nitrogen Oxides + Carbon Dioxide + Carbon Monoxide. People emit Methane and Carbon Dioxide.

What damage does Chloroflorocarbons do to the environment?

They deplete the ozone layer.

Do electric cars emit carbon dioxide?

No, electric cars don't emit carbon dioxide but some electricity comes from fossil fuels which releases carbon dioxide. Although electrics are don't emit pollution, there are still some drawbacks. Electric cars are inefficient, they can only power up to a certain speed and the fuel needs to be filled up often.

Do hybrid cars emit radiation?

my most positive answer to this question is that i do not think hybrid cars emit radiation. it just doesnt make sense. They emit the same radiation any other car does: IR when the engine is running, visible light when the headlights are on, RF if you are using your CB radio, etc.

Why use non gas powerd cars?

because gas powered cars emit carbon dioxide which is killing the earth!

What could be the effect on natural resources when cars trucksand tricycles that emit dark smoke 9smoe belchers0 are allowed to travel?

what will be the effect on natural resources when cars,trucks,and tricycles that emit dark smokes are allowed to travel

What can people use instead of things that emit greenhouse gas?

you can use electric cars instead of regular cars that use gas.

Do electric cars emit heat energy?

Yes. The electric motor does emit some heat. Also, when the car is stopping, forward energy is converted into heat.

Do cars emit carbon monoxide?

very little since the invention of catalytic converters.

Does solar cars also emit dangerous chemicals?

If solar energy is all they're running on - no, not then.

Do hybrid cars emit co2?

Yes, they are still using fossil fuel as the energy supply