Do car rust more in Canada or Florida?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I dont think it matters but my guess would be Florida because of the humidity. But honestly i dont think it really matters.

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Q: Do car rust more in Canada or Florida?
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Why a car will rust more near the sea?

When salt and water and air combine, it accelerates the oxidation, therefore making the car rust faster :)

Why would a car in Florida rust quicker than a car in Arizona?

A car in Florida may rust quicker than a car in Arizona due to higher levels of humidity and salt in the air. Florida's proximity to the ocean and its tropical climate result in moist conditions that accelerate the corrosion process. In contrast, Arizona's dry climate and lack of coastal exposure make it less prone to rusting.

Do car magnets cause rust?

Car magnets doesn't cause rust.

How mony hours between Miami Florida to Vancover Canada by car?


Is your insurance affected or the other person receiing a DUI and totals your car in Florida?

Not in Canada.

Is it easy to rust proof a car yourself?

Rust proofing your car is easy with the right products.Today's vehicles are manufactured with good corrosion protection … rust problems have almost vanished in modern vehicles," Consumer Reports says its annual auto surveys show. "Standard rust-through warranties for most domestic and imported vehicles run five years or more." You can buy rust proofing products from and you can rust proof your car by yourself

How many hours does it take to drive from Canada to Florida?

Approximately two days and 4 hours by car.

Why don't car radiators rust?

car radiators used to be made of copper, copper doesnt rust. most radiators are now made from aluminum.aluminum also does no rust

Does a muddy car rust more quickly than a clean car?

Yes.Since wet mud will speed up thr rusting of iron.

Are the car insurance rates expensive in Florida?

Yes, just like most of the stuff in Florida, car insurance is higher. Expect to pay more for it in Florida than in most states.

Why is rust dangerous on cars?

rust can dissolve the metal on ur car then ur car can fall apart and it will wreck your paint

Is Evapo-Rust safe to use on car paint with rust spots?

Its fine